Blake Shelton Seems Impressed with NASCAR’s ‘Crazy’ Busch Light Clash

by Jonathan Howard

When you put a NASCAR track in the middle of the Los Angeles Coliseum and then name it Busch Light Clash, Blake Shelton is going to be impressed.

Now, being the big star that he is, Blake Shelton has good seats. It seems that he is enjoying a nice area perhaps with a beverage or two. The idea behind this race is wild. NASCAR looked at the task before them and said, we want to put a race at the Coliseum. America’s most iconic sports stadium.

And, they did. The track can be traversed in less than 14 seconds at an average speed of just over 65 MPH. So, this thing is small. Drivers won’t get big speed on the straights. The turns are tricky. Already, bumping and issues have popped up during the qualifying rounds. However, it has impressed Shelton enough for him to post about it on Twitter.

Check that out below and see for yourself.

“This is crazy,” Blake Shelton tweeted. The photo shows the cars in the middle of the track and all of the hustle and bustle going on. While the track looked small in overhead photos, this puts it into perspective. It might as well be Sha’Carri Richardson and Team USA track & field down there, not a NASCAR race.

However, these drivers and teams are making it work. After tonight’s finale, it will be clear if this was a success or failure. Right now, it looks like it has the approval from country music star Shelton. So, who else needs to say anything?

Right now, there are drivers getting themselves ready for another 150 laps. That short course is going to go by very quickly. 14 and 15-second laps mean small margins of error. Who will win?

Blake Shelton Set to Watch Busch Light Clash

It looks like Blake Shelton is set to take in all of the action. When the green flag starts to wave, Kyle Busch will be at the front in his yellow M&M car. That won’t be a look that we see much longer. After this season, the candy will not sponsor a car in the sport of NASCAR anymore.

Busch is going to try and hold off a talented field behind him. He has to make sure that he remains composed and steady on this track. No room for errors. Kyle Larson was an unstoppable force at times last season. Is he going to keep winning races from the jump in 2022?

Then there are the drivers looking to prove themselves. Ryan Blaney had back-to-back wins to close last season out. That doesn’t happen by accident. Blake Shelton is in for a good one tonight. He has some of the best seats in the house and that short track is going to be rocking.