Blink-182 Founder Tom DeLonge Explains Why He Doesn’t Look at UFO’s Like ‘E.T.

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Rebecca Sapp/WireImage)

During a recent interview, Blink-182 co-lead singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge opened up about UFOs and why he thinks the E.T. hypothesis doesn’t make sense.

DeLonge is best known as a member of Blink-182 and Angel & Airwaves . He’s also an avid UFO enthusiast. Since a young age, he’s taken an interest in aliens, UFOs, and conspiracy theories. The rocker has spent recent years diving deeper into his passion for finding the truth behind countless unidentified flying object sightings.

Additionally, DeLonge founded a company called To The Stars, Inc. in 2015 that has aerospace and science divisions. In 2019, his company created the History Channel show Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. The show focused on the USS Nimitz UFO incident. Further, the Pentagon declassified three videos from that incident in April 2020 that captured UFOs on film. The Blink-182 singer’s company revealed these videos to the public back in 2017. However, the Pentagon validated the footage last year when they released them as well.

There is no firm answer as to what exactly the videos captured. Mashable recently spoke to the UFO enthusiast who shared his thoughts on the matter. He says he doesn’t believe in the theory of extraterrestrial life occupying the UFOs.

“The E.T. hypothesis makes no sense whatsoever,” the Blink-182 band member said to Mashable. “It’s kind of like a bunch of cows on the ground and they see these F-18 jets flying over. The cow is like, ‘Oh, it must be coming from a farm over there.’ It’s not thinking about countries and Air Force bases and whatever. So I think we’re a little bit like that. We’re like cows and we’re like, ‘Oh, [the UFOs] must be coming from Mars.’

Tom DeLonge continued to explain his line of thinking and shared his personal opinion. The musician revealed that he thinks that UFOs come from some form of advanced intelligence. But it may not be from little green men from outer space like in movies and television shows.

“We’re thinking so different,” the Blink-182 guitarist said. “And I think advanced intelligence is manipulating frequency, electromagnetics, gravity when it applies, time, and consciousness.”

That’s why he doesn’t believe in the E.T. hypothesis, and instead thinks that UFOs are originating from parallel realities. DeLonge admits that it’s still a crazy thought and not one that is easily explained. But he also thinks we’re getting closer and closer to one day finding the answers many have searched for over decades.

“I don’t look at this and think E.T. I look at these as displacement craft that are coming from parallel realities. And that is a really crazy thought. My personal belief is that we’re going to find the answers looking in that way,” he added.