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Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Looks Back on Cancer Battle With Emotional Photo

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Since announcing his cancer diagnosis back in June, Blink-182 frontman and bassist Mark Hoppus has openly shared the process and developments with fans. Now that he’s finally in remission, he has a lot to be grateful for – from his still improving health to his plethora of supporters that have embarked on this journey with him. In honor of a cancer-free Thanksgiving, Hoppus shared a photo that aptly captures just how thankful he is to be on the other side of the illness.

Yesterday, the Blink-182 bassist posted a photo from his chemo treatments in which he sat on the bathroom floor, sick to his stomach. The photo was before doctors knew if the treatments were effectively killing the cancer cells.

“I have so much to be thankful for today. This photo is from June, halfway through chemo, no idea if it was working or not, relegated to the bathroom floor, retching. If I ever complain about something trivial or unimportant, please show me this photo to remind me of how bad things can be, and how truly blessed I am,” the Blink-182 vocalist told fans. “I hope you all have an amazing day with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving.”

In the comments of the touching post, fellow punk rockstar Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low sent a few hearts to show his support and love for Hoppus.

Now that he’s no longer receiving chemotherapy treatment, the Blink-182 star vocalist has noticed how his hair has been growing back. While he’s finally seeing some white strands sprout from his scalp, his legs are becoming more and more barren. Back in September, when Hoppus announced that he was cancer-free, he posted a photo of his newly-white hair.

“I mean what the sh— is this? Is my hair growing back white? If it does I wonder if I’ll look more like George Clooney or Doc Brown? I feel like this is still the cancery peach fuzz hair and maybe my normal hair will start growing again? It’s so strange to have hair growing back more on my head while my leg hair continues to fall out further and further down, now at the bottom of my shins. I’ve been in chemotherapy for five months and TODAY the hair on my shins decides it’s time to peace out? Cancer is weird,” the Blink-182 frontman shared.

Just three weeks prior, on August 31, Hoppus posted a photo from one of his last treatments. There’s barely a bit of fuzz on his head. Still, he found the humor despite “feeling terrible.”

Throughout the entire process, the Blink-182 vocalist never lost his positivity.