Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus Performs for First Time Since Announcing He’s Cancer-Free

by Jacklyn Krol
Scott Dudelson, Getty Images

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus is back to performing live in concert!

The songwriter performed alongside his bandmate Travis Barker and Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft on Sunday, October 31. The performance was virtual as part of the House of Horrors pay-per-view Halloween show. The performance was the first for Hoppus since he announced that he is cancer free back in September.

The trio performed their hits, “What’s My Age Again?” “The Rock Show,” and “Family Reunion.” Hoppus donned a Batman costume while slapping the bass.

Mark Hoppus revealed to his followers that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma on June 23. After numerous treatments, he then on September 29, Hoppus wrote that he was cancer free.

“Just saw my oncologist and I’m cancer free!!” he announced. “Thank you God and universe and friends and family and everyone who sent support and kindness and love. Still have to get scanned every six months and it’ll take me until the end of the year to get back to normal but today is an amazing day and I feel so blessed.”

Scanning for cancer is a normal practice that doctors do to check that there are no cancer cells so that a person can reach complete remission or a cure (which is five years without cancer signs or symptoms.)

In an interview with NoCap, Barker said that this was “the best news all year.”

“That’s my brother,” he said. “Mark doing this and us playing a few songs is just incredible, and I’ve been with him through this whole process and he’s just been so strong and resilient and tough,” Barker said. “I just told him, ‘Elbows up and fight, it’s time to fight.’ And he did, it’s awesome.”

Back in July, Hoppus was able to pick up the bass guitar for the first time. He performed for his Twitch streamers and said that he felt well enough to play.

Mark Hoppus on His Cancer Journey

On September 15, just two weeks before he was declared cancer free, he updated fans. Mark Hoppus completed his last chemotherapy treatment and would find out fourteen days later if the treatments worked.

“Today I’m grateful to not be going in for chemotherapy. It’s been three weeks since my last treatment,” he tweeted. “Normally I’d be going in today. ‘Normally.’ Damn. Getting pumped full of poison every three weeks is my normal.”

Mark Hoppus spoke about the chemotherapy side effects that he dealt with on a regular basis. He explained a phenomenon called “chemo brain” where your body is on overdrive and your brain can’t remember a simple fact that you know but can’t quite process at the moment.

“And for me, I forget things that I should have just on call. Like people’s names, song titles, like anything. I just forget stuff. People will be talking to me, and five minutes later I’ll ask them a question, and they’ll be like, ‘I just told you that five minutes ago.’ So, kind of sucks,” he said.