‘Blue Bloods’: Why Abigail Hawk ‘Adores’ Working with Tom Selleck

by Amy Myers
Photo: Patrick Harbron/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On Blue Bloods, Abigail Baker is Commissioner Frank Reagan’s right-hand woman, voice of reason and closest confidante. As close as the characters are on the show, the actors are just as fond of each other off-screen. Abigail Hawk and Tom Selleck have shared plenty of time together within the past 12 seasons of the popular drama. And throughout that time, they’ve developed a friendship built on mutual respect and admiration.

Recently, Hawk expressed just how much of a joy it is to work with Selleck and to have him on her team. In an interview with Pop Culture, the Blue Bloods actress explained that Selleck is a big advocate of hers.

“I have absolutely adore Tom and I’m exceedingly grateful for him,” Hawk shared. “He has really been a huge champion of mine.”

According to Hawk, her Blue Bloods co-star has been a big supporter of the same causes that she’s passionate about. Selleck also doesn’t boast his experience over the younger actress. Instead, he places his coworkers on the same professional level as him. Because of both of these qualities, Hawk feels she has created a deeper connection and friendship with Selleck.

“I appreciate the fact that he recognized that I had a lot I want to say in the industry and he’s a huge advocate for women,” Hawk said. “I have a seat at the table with him, if that makes sense. Even though I’m much younger than him, much greener in every sense of the word, he never makes me feel less than… We talk on the same level. We have wonderful discussions.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Promotes Her Co-Star

Some of Hawk’s other big moments on Blue Bloods occur in scenes with her co-star Robert Clohessy, otherwise known as Lieutenant Sid Gormley. Like Baker, Gormley is an essential member of Commissioner Reagan’s inner circle, and the two help their boss navigate some tough situations.

Hawk and Clohessy have more of a comical companionship, often sharing their antics with fans on social media. So, when her Blue Bloods co-star asked her to help him promote his “special Sid episode,” Hawk happily agreed –but probably not in the way Clohessy expected.

Hawk posted a snapshot of her text conversation with Clohessy in which he asked the Blue Bloods actress to “put it on Instagram and say tomorrow is a special Sid episode!”

Clohessy admitted that he’s “too embarrassed” to promote himself. With Hawk being the social media star she was, it seemed like a natural solution.

The marketing strategy seemed pretty effective. Soon enough, Blue Bloods fans gushed about their excitement for the upcoming Sid-centric episode.