‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk is Getting ‘Shuteye’ as She, Northeast U.S. Brace for Tropical Storm Henri

by Amy Myers

Now that Tropical Storm Henri has hit land in the Northeast, many are waiting out the weather indoors. That includes Blue Bloods star, Abigail Hawk.

According to CNN, the storm was originally a hurricane when on water. However, once it made landfall on the coast of Rhode Island earlier today, it weakened to a tropical storm with 60 mile-per-hour winds. Even though it’s no longer a hurricane, the storm is still extremely dangerous. Since its arrival on the East Coast, more than 130,000 people have lost power. Weather experts expect the storm to continue toward the Connecticut-New York border, weakening as it continues its path across the Northeastern states. By Monday afternoon, experts say Tropical Storm Henri will take a turn to the east and head back out into the water.

Meanwhile, Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk is perfectly content waiting for the weather to end in her bedroom. Earlier today, she posted a photo of her (lack of) activities on Instagram. In the photo, she has the covers of her bed pulled up to her chin as she takes a snooze.

“The (shut)eye of the storm. May all of us in Henri’s path stay safe and sound,” the Blue Bloods star wrote in her caption.

Several fans took to the comments to tell the star to “Stay safe.”

That seems to be just about all Hawk wants to do until tomorrow afternoon.

Abigail Hawk Jokes About Becoming Police Commissioner on ‘Blue Bloods’

On Blue Bloods, Abigail Hawk plays Abigail Baker, NYPD detective and right-hand woman to Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. Because her character is often more serious, Hawk is happy to show her humorous side to fans on Instagram.

Recently, Hawk shared a snapshot of herself in a thick jacket with the initials “PC” (short for Police Commissioner) on the breast. She smiled sweetly with a joking look in her eyes.

“Baker for PC!” the Blue Bloods star wrote.

As the primary aide to Frank Reagan, there’s no denying that Detective Baker would make an efficient next commissioner. But before fans could panic over losing the great Tom Selleck, Hawk revealed she was only joking.

“Kidding, it was cold on set and Tom is the epitome of a gentleman!” the Blue Bloods star explained.

Of course, this doesn’t surprise fans of the show. Part of the reason Selleck’s character Blue Bloods is one of the fans’ favorites is that it mirrors his personality in real life. Polite, well-mannered and suave, Selleck is the same between takes as he is during filming. Hawk’s snapshot on Instagram is just another example of how Selleck not only is “the epitome of a gentleman” but also “the epitome of Frank Reagan.”