‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Poses in Fun Photo as She Says ‘TGIF’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Getty Images)

While enjoying some much-needed relaxation, Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk took to her Instagram to share a snapshot of her in a fun pose. 

“T.G.I.F.” the Blue Bloods star declared in the post. She also announced that a new episode of her hit series will air tonight. 

The latest “pose” post comes just one week after the Blue Bloods castmate announced she rescued a jumping spider named “Jumpo.” She stated the rescue is considered the “extent” of her Thanksgiving accomplishments. 

“Happy Thanksgiving, Internet friends and family,” The Blue Bloods actress continued. “Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, give little grace, and may the same be given to you. And enjoy all the pie, with no reservations. I know I will be!”

Abigail Hawk Opened Up About What Was interesting About Her ‘Blue Bloods’ Character 

During a January 2021 interview with Starry Magazine, Abigail Hawk spoke about how her character, Abigail, was originally described to her. “Originally, she did not have a last name,” Hawk explained. The actress then revealed that her character did not have an age, gender, or race. 

“She did not have anything,” the Blue Bloods star continued. “She was Either detective Mel or Melissa. So, no first name. Definitely not my first name.”

Hawk then stated she got the role and about two to three episodes into Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck decided to change the character’s name to Abigail. “He thought Melissa was too ordinary. Which I guess is a compliment. So I’ll take it. Then he cleared with the lawyers the last name Baker.”

When asked what is challenging about her Blue Bloods character, Hawk stated “Baker is about five years older than I am. So that’s a challenge to project. How would she respond to having five more years of life under her belt. And she’s obviously way smarter than I am.”

Hawk further explained that she and her Blue Bloods co-star Selleck have talked at length that most likely he brought her character on as his Assistant to the Commissioner Because something happened meritoriously. “So, in order for her to be promoted through the ranks, being as young as she is, she would have had to do something meritorious because it wouldn’t have just been like a regular promotion when due for a promotion.” 

Abigail Hawk Shares Which Episodes of ‘Blue Bloods’ Personally Stood Out For Her

While continuing to chat with Starry Magazine, Abigail Hawk revealed which episodes of Blue Bloods personally stood out for her. “The one which was season four that Donnie Wahlberg directed called Manhattan Queens,” Hawk shared. This was the episode in which there was a heckler with the Suffolk County PD and her character had to go get him. 

“We were at like a conference and I was up there,” Hawk explained. “And I had that ‘itty bitty contraband’ line. He said something about wanting Baker to practice ‘Stop and Frisk’ on him and I instantly shut him down with that most memorable line, ‘Experience has taught us Stop and Frisk is highly ineffective when it comes to finding the itty bitty contraband.’”