‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Takes in a Gorgeous Sunset in New Photos

by Keeli Parkey

Summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It’s a wonderful time to capture the beautiful scenery around you in all its glory. That is just what “Blue Bloods” star Abigail Hawk recently did.

This week, the actress posted a collection of photos to her Instagram account. The first was a photo of her looking up at the sky from inside a vehicle. The other nine photos were scenes from a beautiful summer sky. The clouds are stunning and the sunset shines through them creating a gorgeous tableau of brilliant colors.

Along with the collection of stunning photos, the “Blue Bloods” actress added the caption: “Riding off into the sunset. …. #nybound #homewardbound #roadtrip #familyvacation #traffic #sunset.”

Fans of the actress enjoyed the sunset photos she had to share. As of Wednesday (July 7) evening, the post had received almost 1,900 likes on Instagram. You can check it out below.

This is not the first time Abigail Baker, who plays Abigail Hawk – the right-hand woman to New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) – on “Blue Bloods” has shared stunning photos on Instagram.

On July 4, she posted a series of photos of her celebrating Independence Day with her family. Along with the photos, Hawk posted a caption that said: “Happy birthday, America!”

Judging by the photos Hawk shared, her family had a fun-filled day of food, flowers, flags, fishing, and fireworks. One photo shows the actress looking beautiful in a dress and smiling on a grassy hill. Another photo shows two youngsters running toward a dock filled with boats. Yet another shows a youngster trying to pick a treat from a delicious-looking offering of desserts. There is also a photo of a caught lobster.

All in all, it looks like the “Blue Bloods” star and company had a memorable Fourth of July celebration.

Abigail Hawk Once Said Her Role on ‘Blue Bloods’ ‘Made Me Who I Am Today’

Actress Abigail Hawk has been part of the cast of “Blue Bloods” since the show debuted in 2010. During an interview with The Actor’s Audience, she said the series has changed her life. She even said it “made me who I am today.”

She also said she felt like she grew in real life as her character grew on the popular CBS family drama.

“I feel like (Detective) Baker and I have matured together. I feel like we have both become confident women together, and it’s really exciting,” the actress also shared.

Hawk also said she enjoyed working with the show’s cast, even though she doesn’t get to see some of them all that often.

“It’s been incredible for me to work alongside Tom (Selleck), and Greg Jbara, and Chloe Hessey. And, though I don’t get to see the other guys as much, whenever I do it’s always fun,” Hawk said.