‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Bridget Moynahan Detailed Why She’s Happy She Didn’t Get Role in Her Younger Days

by Josh Lanier

Bridget Moynahan is glad she found success playing Erin Reagan-Boyle on Blue Bloods later in her career. The 50-year-old said that’s because she’s more mature now. And she’s also more stable with herself and her career, which has made this show all the more enjoyable.

“I just think I’m calmer, more confident. I feel more grounded,” she told CBS This Morning in 2017. “And a lot of the things that got me worked up or worried as a younger person just kind of rolls off (now).”

She was on the morning show with Blue Bloods co-stars Tom Selleck and Will Estes discussing the show’s upcoming 150th episode.

But This Morning co-host Gayle King asked how the actors were able to bring the same vigor and preparation to a show that’s been on the air that long. Do the episodes ever feel repetitive or do their characters feel stale?

“I have noticed the writing has gotten better year after year,” Moynihan said. “So, we’re very thankful and feel blessed about that. Because, you know, after seven years it could get a little stale. But luckily we have a bunch of writers and people who really care about the show who keep coming up with really smart ideas and storylines.”

The 150th episode milestone was also unique for Tom Selleck. It put him about 15 shows shy of eclipsing the number of Magnum, P.I. episodes that aired. Something that he was a little apprehensive about.

“I feel a little funny about that,” he said. “It was such an important part of my life, and I consider this as equally as much of a gift so maybe we ought to tie.”

The show has now aired 234 over 11 seasons with more on the way.

‘Blue Bloods’ Keeps a Family Atmosphere on Set

There’s at least one reason the Reagan family on Blue Bloods feels so authentic. They behave like one behind the scenes as well.

Tom Selleck, who plays the family’s patriarch, said at a 2017 cast interview with 92nd Street Y that Blue Bloods isn’t like other ensemble shows. The actors see each other every day during filming and spent a lot of time together on set. That kinship has helped them grow a familial bond that shines through on the show.

“We’ve become a family, I think you can see that beyond just what the show is,” he said. “You can do an hour episodic show with this big of a cast and you may not see your fellow actors for 2-3 weeks, [a] month maybe. [On] this show, we see each other every eight days because that’s how long it takes for us to shoot an episode. And I really look forward to seeing Frank’s family and my family.”