‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Detailed the Time They and Marisa Ramirez Laughed ‘For an Hour Straight’

by Amy Myers

What’s almost as good as bingeing on all the episodes of the hit crime drama, Blue Bloods? Watching their blooper reels, of course!

Thanks to stars Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez, there are plenty of hilarious behind-the-scenes clips to enjoy. On-screen, Wahlberg and Ramirez play Detectives Danny Reagan and Maria Baez of the NYPD. Their close partnership and keen eyes for details make the duo one of the best crime-solving teams on CBS. Together, they give the criminals of New York something to fear.

However, off-screen, the Blue Bloods stars are nothing but a couple of goofballs.

Take, for example, the video that Wahlberg posted of him poking fun at Ramirez in between takes of a scene together. Ramirez’s character on Blue Bloods speaks fluid Spanish, but in real life, the actress isn’t quite as skilled in linguistics. Wahlberg lightheartedly jokes with Ramirez, teasing her as a brother would to a sister.

“Marisa’s speaking Spanish in this scene,” Wahlberg narrated as Ramirez laughed beside him. “Which isn’t working out well because in real life she does not habla Español.

There’s also dozens of videos of the two Blue Bloods stars dancing together before the camera rolls, hyping each other up for the scene.

Clearly, from how well they portray their characters on set to how well they get along offset, they make a great team. And according to Wahlberg, he knew they would get along right from the start.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Discusses Relationship with Co-Star

Before Marisa Ramirez joined Blue Bloods, fellow actress Jennifer Esposito portrayed Detective Jackie Curatola, partner of Detective Danny Reagan. Although he loves working with his new partner, Wahlberg remembers his time with Esposito fondly.

“The beauty of having had these different partners is that they each bring something different to react to,” Wahlberg explained to CBS Watch! “Jennifer made boring lines hysterical; she made throwaway lines authentic. She was a great partner, and is a great actor and friend.”

And he values his relationship with Ramirez just as much.

“When Marisa came along, I knew immediately she would be a lifelong friend,” Wahlberg shared. “Marisa came in, and she was just a solid person and actor, a solid partner on camera and off.”

Ramirez and Wahlberg Keep Each Other Laughing On Set

Besides ribbing each other and their preemptive dancing scenes, Blue Bloods stars Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez can’t help but crack a smile every now and then during filming.

What makes them laugh the most is when the other makes a mistake.

“There have been times when Marisa and I laugh probably for an hour straight,” Wahlberg said. “We might tell jokes between takes, or someone goofs up a line.”

Although it might disrupt production a bit, the two can’t seem to hold back the hysterics each time it happens.

“Sometimes she’ll pronounce a phrase backwards—like, for “the blue shirt,” she might say, “the shoe blurt” or something, and we literally have to shut down production for about 20 minutes until we get it out.”

Hopefully, the rest of the crew is understanding of the duo’s lighthearted dynamic and can join in on the fun. For Ramirez and Wahlberg, it seems they’ll never take their job too seriously.