‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Donnie Wahlberg Tried to Use Role on Show to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket

by Quentin Blount

Even though he plays a New York cop on the popular drama Blue Bloods, it has never helped Donnie Wahlberg get out of a traffic ticket with the NYPD.

Wahlberg has starred on Blue Bloods since 2014. In the series, which is in its 11th season, Wahlberg plays detective Danny Reagan with the NYPD. But it turns out that playing a cop for nine years on the big screen won’t get you treated any different when you are pulled over in real life. Donnie Wahlberg admitted as much to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show back in 2019.

“How long have you played a New York cop now?” Colbert asks the Blue Bloods star.

“Nine years,” replies Wahlberg.

“And has it gotten you out of a traffic ticket or anything like that? Have you used it?”

Blue Bloods Star Details the Time He Was Pulled Over in New York City

Donnie Wahlberg said that he has, in fact, tried to use his Blue Bloods stardom to get out of a traffic ticket. It just didn’t get so well.

“I tried,” Wahlberg admitted. “So, it was New Year’s Eve. And my wife Jenny McCarthy was hosting New Year’s Eve and New Kids on the Block performed on New Year’s Eve. So, we were leaving at like 4 a.m. to go to a little hotel and nap for a few hours. Our driver took a right turn on red, which you’re not supposed to do.”

Meanwhile, the Blue Bloods star said that there was a cop waiting right by the turn. And as a result, they got pulled over. Almost instantly, the cop started giving his driver a hard time.

“‘Man, the sign is right there!’ ‘You can’t go right there!'” Wahlberg recalls the cop saying.

And as the police officer went back to his car to run the information, Wahlberg told his driver to let the cop know that he was in the back seat.

I said look, ‘Just tell him you have Donnie Wahlberg from ‘Blue Bloods’ in the back,'” he said. “And maybe he’ll let you go.”

Well, the driver tried exactly that. But before he could finish, the officer clapped back with his own power play.

“I don’t give a damn who you got in the freakin’ car!” the cop said, according to Wahlberg. “You can’t make a right turn on red. Here’s the ticket. Oh, and Donnie, I love ‘Blue Bloods’. Goodnight.”

“New York’s finest,” Wahlberg says with a laugh.

You can watch the entire interview with Donnie Wahlberg and Stephen Colbert down below: