‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Donnie Wahlberg ‘Tries’ to Name a Favorite Scene From the Series in 2017 Interview

by Keeli Parkey

During a celebration of the 150th episode of “Blue Bloods” in 2017 at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, actor Donnie Wahlberg was asked to name his favorite scene from the show.

Turns out, he couldn’t name just one scene. And, who can blame him? There are so many memorable moments from the CBS hit, which concluded its 11th season during May 2021.

However, Wahlberg, who plays Detective Danny Reagan on the show about a family of New York City Police officers, said there were many scenes that are memorable for him.

“Oh, my goodness. Wow, you put me right on the spot, didn’t you,” Wahlberg said. “There’s so many. I know it sounds cliche, but … there’s something with every character in this family and that’s what always means the most.”

In fact, the scenes on “Blue Bloods” that meant the most to Wahlberg are those that include him acting alongside at least one other member of his television family.

“I told Tom (Selleck), somewhere in season one there’s funeral for a Marine who was murdered. Danny was written to go to the funeral alone. Then, they went through drafts where it was going to be all of the family,” Wahlberg recalled. “Then, they wrote Tom in at the last second. And when I went to work that day Tom said, ‘You know they put me in this scene. You know I would have been happy if you did it by yourself.’ And I said to Tom, I said, ‘Any scene with more than one Reagan is always going to be better than a scene with just one.'”

Donnie Wahlberg Said Scenes With Television Family Members on ‘Blue Bloods’ are ‘So Special’

Filming scenes with his television family members on “Blue Bloods” are very important to Donnie Wahlberg. In fact, in 2017 he said those moments will stay with him “forever” because they are “so special.”

“And that’s really, you know, that’s what will live with me forever. You know, the moments when it’s me and Tom mano a mano, or Bridget (Moynahan) and I, and Will (Estes) and I and Amy (Carlton) and Len (Cariou),” Wahlberg said. “Len and I always joke, ‘We don’t get any scenes together anymore.’ He’s like (my character) Danny (Reagan) 30 years earlier. He taught Danny how to walk the line the wrong way. It’s good stuff.”

Wahlberg then shared a thought that many of the fictional Reagans would most likely agree with.

“But, the family is really it,” he said. “We could wish for these magical scenes – I’m a young, spry guy, I like action scenes and stuff – but nothing will ever mean more than the family stuff. It’s so special.”

You can watch Donnie Wahlberg talk about “Blue Bloods” below. His comments about his favorite scene – or lack thereof – begin around the 23:30 mark of the video.