‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Steve Schirripa Once Said He Was Surprised to Finally ‘Play a Good Guy’

by Jennifer Shea

“Blue Bloods” actor Steve Schirripa is familiar to fans of “The Sopranos” for his role as Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri, a mobster who serves as a close aide to Corrado “Junior” Soprano. Baccalieri climbs the ladder of organized crime, eventually becoming a capo and Tony Soprano’s brother-in-law. And once he reaches the top, he works hard to stay there.

For people who know Schirripa as one of the bad guys, his turn on “Blue Bloods” came as a surprise. On the CBS drama, Schirripa plays Anthony Abetemarco, a senior detective for the District Attorney’s investigations unit. He helps Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) with some of her cases.

In a 2016 interview with Fox News, Schirripa suggested he never thought the day would come when he got to play a good guy.

“I play a D.A. investigator,” Schirripa told Fox. “Finally, I play a good guy!”

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Is ‘Honored’ to Join Cast

Schirripa’s recurring role on “Blue Bloods” began in Season 6. And ever since then, he said, he’s enjoyed playing Abetemarco and collaborating with the rest of the cast.

“I feel very honored,” Schirripa said. “It’s a well-written show, and they wrote me a great role. And I’m enjoying it immensely.”

In addition to “The Sopranos,” Schirripa has also appeared in the movies “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” “Must Love Dogs” and on the TV series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

Schirripa and ‘Sopranos’ Co-Star Launched a Podcast

Last year, the “Blue Bloods” actor and his “Sopranos” co-star, Michael Imperioli, started a podcast together. They wanted to revisit the hit series. The podcast is called “Talking Sopranos.” And it is up to 63 episodes so far.

Schirripa explained to the Daily Beast last year that the two of them weren’t sure about the podcast originally. They had been approached to do it, and they hesitated.

But then they thought of all the young people watching the show anew, and all the podcasts about the show by people with no connection to “The Sopranos.” Those people have a right to do their podcasts, Schirripa stressed, but he added that their listeners aren’t “getting the real deal.” So Schirripa and Imperioli got ready to move ahead with the podcast. And then the coronavirus hit.

“And then we decided not to do it,” Schirripa told the Daily Beast. “With the pandemic, we thought, who gives a shit about a TV show? The world’s fucking coming to an end. And then on social media, they started contacting us and saying, ‘I can really use that now.’ After a few weeks, we decided to do it. And listen, if we could give people for an hour and a half, two hours, a chance to get away from this stuff, you know, so be it.”

At the very least, it’s a productive way for the actor to pass the time between seasons of “Blue Bloods.” And if that’s not enough to keep him busy, who knows what good guy he will portray next?