‘Blue Bloods’ Actors Behind Danny Reagan’s Sons are Brothers in Real Life

by Megan Molseed

As any fan of the hit CBS police procedural Blue Bloods knows, family is one of the most important aspects of the weekly drama series.

At the center of each Blue Bloods episode are the members of the Reagan family, which is led by family patriarch Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck).

Each episode of the hit series ends with one of the series’s famous dinner scenes. Where each member of the Reagan family comes together to discuss their lives and enjoy a delicious home-cooked spread together.

The Importance Of Family

With the heavy emphasis Blue Bloods places on the family theme, it isn’t surprising that show-runners have extended this focus beyond the characters, but into the casting of the Blue Bloods players as well. In fact, two Blue Bloods siblings are in fact siblings in real life.

The actors who portray Danny Reagan’s (Donnie Whalberg) sons, Sean and Jack, on the popular series are brothers in real life.

‘Blue Bloods’ Sean and Jack Reagan’s Real-Life Connection

Danny Reagan has two sons with his late wife. The boys, Sean, who is played by Andrew Terraciano, and Jack, who is portrayed by Tony Terraciano share much more than just coincidentally having the same last name.

According to the youngest of the brothers, growing up on the wildly popular series hasn’t changed the two very much over the years.

“Me and my friends we really all do the same thing except I’m out once a week and I just have to kind of catch up on homework,” Andrew Terraciano said of his Blue Bloods role.

Some Perfect Casting

Tony and Andrew Terraciano were cast on Blue Bloods premiere season in 2010 when Andrew was six years old and Tony was eight years old.

It was perfect casting for the youths, since the characters they were playing, Sean and Jack were the same ages, according to the script.

What’s more fun, is that audiences did get to watch the two boys grow up over the last decade during Blue Bloods’ now eleven-year run.

In fact, with the characters being the same age as those playing them, some storylines work perfectly in the show.

In 2018, Tony Terraciano took a leave from the show when he began attending college. Blue Bloods showrunners explained this absence by writing the character’s leave for college into the show. This works perfectly because when Tony has time to return to the show when Jack has time to visit his family.