‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Sami Gayle Revealed That the Cast Actually Calls the Family Dinner Scenes ‘Family Breakfast’: Here’s Why

by Megan Molseed

For eleven seasons, the Reagan family has met for dinner every Sunday on the hit series “Blue Bloods.” These popular dinner scenes have become a mainstay of the popular law enforcement drama. They allow for the family to connect, despite what may be going on in their personal lives.

During the regular Reagan family dinners, the food is always plentiful. The conversation is steady, and oftentimes, Frank Reagan, the head of the table, offers his advice to those who may need it.

To the viewer, these dinner scenes on the hit CBS series the Reagan family enjoys these get-togethers once per episode. But the reality is that each one of these scenes requires many, many takes.

‘Blue Bloods’ Cast Enjoys Dinner For Breakfast

Actress Sami Gayle discussed shooting these scenes with a CBS affiliate in a recent interview. In the 2018 interview, Gayle, who portrays Nicky Reagan on the hit series explained that while they are officially dinner scenes, sometimes the cast refers to them as “family breakfast.”

“We usually shoot the dinner scene actually fairly early in the morning,” Gayle noted in the interview. “We actually call it the family breakfast.”

“The food looks delicious. Do you actually eat all that food?” the actress was asked during the interview.

“Absolutely!” Gayle responded. The “Blue Bloods” actress added that sometimes having delicious and edible food during the early morning shoots isn’t always a good thing.

“We have to match whatever we eat in each take,” she explained. “If we’re there and we’re really hungry and we eat a lot that first take, then every other take we actually have to match that amount of food.”

Is The Reagan Family’s Law Enforcement Tradition Coming To An End?

In the hit drama, Sami Gayle portrays Nicky Reagan, the daughter of Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan). Erin Reagan is Frank Reagan’s only daughter. Much like her brothers, father Frank (Tom Selleck), and grandfather Henry Reagan (Len Cariou) Erin has settled on a career in the law enforcement field. Erin currently serves as the New York City Assistant District attorney.

Frank has followed in his father’s footsteps and is the New York City Police Commissioner. Franks sons, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes) have joined the NYPD police force. Danny is a detective, and Jamie is an NYPD police Sargeant.

Nicky Reagan has been a regular face at the Reagan family dinners, however, her character recently took a position away from her family.

In one “Blue Bloods” dinner scene, Nicky announces that she will be traveling across the country to pursue a career entirely unrelated to law enforcement. This news shocks her family since law enforcement is in the Reagan family’s blood.

Sami Gayle recently had a leading role in the Netflix feature, “Candy Jar.” The film is about competitive debate team champions vying to earn acceptance to the colleges of their dreams.