‘Blue Bloods’ Alum Sami Gayle Is ‘Colorado Cozy’ in the Mountains

by Hannah Heser

There’s nothing better than a nice, relaxing trip to the mountains. The former Blue Bloods star, Sami Gayle recently shared a photo with her all “Colorado cozy.”

In a recent Instagram post, the 26-year-old actress shared a few pictures of her enjoying the getaway. Based on her smile, it looks like she doesn’t want to ever leave the mountains. She just might have to move out there one day.

Her caption is very short and simple. It reads: “Colorado cozy in @carolyn_rowan!” with a snowflake emoji.

Check out the pictures here:

Fans of the talented star gathered in the comments to tell her how beautiful she is. One user even mentioned her outfit. “@samigayle you look warm and cozy,” they said.

Sami Gayle Opens Up With Why She Left Blue Bloods

Recently, Sami Gayle revealed the real reason she left Blue Bloods. It didn’t turn out to be anything bad, but her personal life just got in the way of the show.

She decided to take a break from acting and attend college at Columbia University. Many would love to act instead of going to school, but not Gayle. While the show and university are located in the same city, she got too exhausted to keep doing both.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Gayle talked more about the stress she went through with working full-time while attending classes.

“I didn’t sleep!” Gayle exclaimed. “It was the best time of my life, though. We shot Wednesday to Sunday schedule. I did this for about seven weeks.”

She continued to touch on her daily routine in the interview.

“On Sunday night, we’d finish shooting, I don’t know maybe at three or four in the morning. I’d get on a plane at 6 a.m., I would come to New York, shoot Blue Bloods in the morning, then I would go to school,” she added. “I boarded my classes that semester from 1 to 8 so that I could attend as many as possible on the Monday and Tuesday.”

Afterward, she revealed that she had to write her papers on planes sometimes. However, all of the stress and chaos seems to have been worth it. I mean, she looks very happy in her most recent Instagram posts!

What Inspired the Young Actress to Start Acting

Since one special moment with her grandmother, she knew she wanted to take on acting. In 2020, Sami Gayle told the Glitter outlet how this moment inspired her journey in the entertainment industry.

“When I was 3 or 4, I remember standing with my grandmother at the annual Coconut Grove Art Show, watching “Moving Melvin” tap on a small piece of wood. I looked at my grandmother and said, ‘I can do that.’ From that moment onwards, I knew I wanted to be a performer on Broadway,” Gayle said.