‘Blue Bloods’: Amy Carlson Reveals Her Favorite Sunday Family Dinner From the Show in 2017 Interview

by Keeli Parkey

Sunday dinners at the Reagans’ are one of the most popular scenes in most episodes of the hit CBS drama “Blue Bloods.” During a 2017 media event, one of the show’s stars was asked to name her favorite Sunday family dinner scene from the show.

That actress was Amy Carlson. She played Linda Reagan, the wife of Donnie Wahlberg’s character Danny Reagan, from 2010 until 2017, according to IMDb.com.

“I always say my favorite Sunday dinner is the last Sunday dinner we shot. We shot one today. We shot the season finale of this season,” Carlson said in 2017. “There’s just something really special about saying goodbye to a season of 22 episodes. And, having that time with the family.”

Amy Carlson also there is a lot of variety in the “Blue Bloods” dinner scenes.

“They’re all unique and each one is different. It’s always good to see each other,” she explained. “In terms of favorite ones, I love when there’s a fight. I just love having an active part in the fight. And whenever that happens that’s a real blessing.”

Speaking of Reagan family dinners, Tom Selleck, who plays New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in the series, then asked fans in attendance if they wanted to know what food item he and his fellow cast members wanted to be included on a Reagan family dinner menu.

And according to Selleck, the cast even had a chant they would do together to ask for this food item. What they want on their plates just might surprise you.

“Do you want to hear the Reagan chant for the one thing we’ve never had?” Selleck asked. Of course, fans said yes. The cast of “Blue Bloods” then breaks out into a chant of: “Tater tots, tater tots, tater tots, tater tots, tater tots.”

You can watch Amy Carlson talk about her favorite “Blue Bloods” Reagan family dinners below. Her comments begin around the 47:15 mark of the video.

Another ‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Once Talked About Filming a Reagan Family Dinner Scene

Amy Carlson isn’t the only “Blue Bloods” cast member who has opinions about the Reagan family Sunday members. Donnie Wahlberg, her on-screen husband, also talked about the very first of those scenes in the history of the show.

Acting in the scene was very stressful, according to an interview Wahlberg gave in 2019.

“The first one will always stand out to me the most,” he said. “It was so intimidating. My character basically had to run roughshod over the table and to sit down with that cast and with Tom Selleck at the head of the table.”

The actor went on to call acting in this “Blue Bloods” scene “traumatizing.”

“It was sort of traumatizing for me to sit there and have to come in on my first day of shooting the series and just basically take over the dinner table,” Wahlberg said.