‘Blue Bloods’: Are Episodes Missing From One Major Streaming Service?

by Joe Rutland

One new “Blue Bloods” fan wondered if some of the CBS police drama’s shows are missing from a streaming service.

In a Reddit thread on the show, fan thelayers wrote, “Fairly new to the show and have been bingeing it over the last couple of weeks/months on Paramount+. Made it to the season eight premiere and realized there are a couple of episodes missing from season seven on the platform.

“Went back and realized that this is an issue with a number of the seasons on Paramount+. Does anyone know why this is? Seems to defeat the purpose of getting a subscription for CBS content only to not have all the CBS content available, but maybe that’s just me??”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fan Said It Looked Like Random Episodes Had Been Removed

After the original post, the same fan added this on the Reddit thread about “Blue Bloods.”

“Posted this late last night but I’ve gotten a chance to go back and review and it looks like they’ve removed random episodes from seasons that I know I’ve watched before on the platform. What a mystery”.

Fan theTVifollow said, “Usually music rights for streaming purpose.” The new “Blue Bloods” fan replied, “ah, that sucks but makes a lot of sense”.

Music companies are very leery of TV shows using their music without getting their approval. Shows like “Blue Bloods” do their best to get clearance, but that clearance OK might not involve a streaming service. For instance, “Blue Bloods” is shown on Paramount+. That’s why one Redditor made the comment about the music.

Never fear, though, “Blue Bloods” fans. Your favorite police drama returns to CBS this fall. Its 12th season gets started on Oct. 1.

Frank Reagan Character Called Them A ‘Whole Family of Black Sheep’

If you have not seen “Blue Bloods” before, then Tom Selleck plays the lead role as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan. Selleck has been with the show since Day One.

He offered a little perspective during the season finale last season. Reagan was talking about having differences of opinion yet being able to settle them.

“The thing is though that quality goes for everyone at this table on any given day,” Reagan said in the finale’s family dinner scene. “We’re really a whole family of black sheep.”

The Reagan family has people that either are active duty, on the legal side and even retired from the force, too.

But “Blue Bloods” almost didn’t come back for another season. Showrunner Kevin Wade, in an interview with Deadline in May, said there was a time where they thought that the Season 11 finale would be the end of the show. Thankfully, that did not happen so look for “Blue Bloods” on your TV screens on Friday nights.