‘Blue Bloods’: Baez Buried the Past During One Episode

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods has long been a viewer favorite. The hit CBS police procedural drama centers around the law enforcement dealings of one New York City family, the Reagans. Of course, there are also major players within the series who work closely with the Reagans. From coworkers to partners, and fellow law enforcement officials, the Blue Bloods universe can often expand beyond the members of the Reagan clan. And, sometimes the popular CBS drama takes a break from dealing with New York City crimes and focuses instead on the characters; giving some major players an extra depth within the series.

One example of this is the sixth season Blue Bloods episode titled Stomping Ground. In this episode, viewers got to know one character, Danny Reagan’s partner Maria Baez on a deeper level. Giving us a glimpse of a haunting past in which detective Baez had previously been holding some deep feelings.

We first met Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) during the popular show’s third season. Detective Baez joined Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) on the beat when she became his partner upon the exit of Detective Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito). Since then, Ramirez’s Baez has become a beloved character in the series. One of the most popular characters who does not hold the last name of Reagan.

In the season six episode, Danny and Baez are working a crime scene, canvassing a neighborhood looking for any witnesses they can track down. During their investigation, the partners end up in a diner. Baez sees something – or someone – that upsets her and the New York City detective quickly leaves the establishment. Danny eventually catches up with her partner, hoping to find out what is wrong. This is when Baez shares a disturbing moment from her past with her Blue Bloods partner.

Baez Comes Clean About A Disturbing Past Event

Baez explains to her partner that she spotted a man in the diner by the name of Octavio Nunez (Ski Carr). Nunez is a drug trafficker from her neighborhood. Baez goes on to tell Danny Reagan that when she was just 10 years old, she witnessed the drug trafficker stomp her neighbor to death. Thankfully, the Blue Bloods detectives eventually find a reason to arrest Nunez. Baez is then able to confront the murderer and tell him exactly what she had witnessed all those years ago.

This episode was especially poignant for the Blue Bloods detective because it gave viewers a chance to get to know Baez’s own family. We learn that Baez’s brother Javier (Kirk Acevedo) died protecting her years ago. And, Baez’s sister blames the detective for Javier’s death. This gives viewers a valuable glimpse into the reasons the New York City detective decided to pursue law enforcement. And, the moment Baez was able to put Nunez away after all of those years gave the officer much-needed closure.