‘Blue Bloods’: Baez Is On the Case of Favorite TV Personality in Upcoming Episode

by Victoria Santiago

Blue Bloods is finally back, and Baez is already having to deal with some tough cases. Not for the reasons you may think, though.

The episode, titled “Allegiance,” sees Baez focused on the death of the star of her favorite TV show. She drags Danny to a taping to the show. The two even manage to get backstage. However, when they get back there, they find the host of the show dead. The host’s death wasn’t even their case, but the Blue Bloods character was determined to solve it. Danny didn’t want to, but Baez reminded him that she had done the same for him throughout the years. He reluctantly agrees, and the two set out to solve the case.

As it turns out, the host had died from eating nuts that she was allergic to. At first glance, that makes sense. Coming into contact with allergens happens all the time. This case goes deeper than that, though. This death was no accident. The co-host of Baez’s favorite show had killed the host. The entire time they were trying to figure it out, the co-host had given them all kinds of different advice and hints, trying to throw them off of the trail. However, in the end, Baez and Danny figured it out.

Ratings Dip As ‘Blue Bloods’ Returns

“Allegiance” was the first episode of Blue Bloods in almost a month. Even though it should be hotly anticipated, fans kind of let it flop. Ratings-wise, that is. In terms of viewership, the crime drama did as well as ever.

This most recent episode of Blue Bloods tied with fellow CBS shows Undercover Boss and Magnum P.I. for demo ratings. All three of the network’s popular series scored a disappointing 0.4.

The popular crime drama was beaten out in ratings by other popular shows. ABC’s Shark Tank and Fox’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown both beat out Blue Bloods. In fact, Blue Bloods even ranked lower than ABC’s 20/20 recap, which was about a murder by antifreeze.

The crime drama wasn’t beaten by much, though. All three of those shows got a demo rating of 0.5.

Blue Bloods ratings may have gone down, but their viewers still tuned in. The series had the largest audience of the entire night, with six million people watching Baez catch her favorite star’s killer. In comparison, CBS’s Magnum P.I. only had five million viewers.

Shark Tank and WWE Friday Night SmackDown had the best demo ratings, but they had the lowest amount of viewers. Shark Tank only brought in 3.3 million viewers, while WWE brought in two million.

Hopefully, this low rating is just a fluke for Blue Bloods. With the show nearing its 250th episode, we’re sure to see better ratings soon.