‘Blue Bloods’: Baker Knows Something Is Up in Sneak Peek of Friday’s Episode

by Joe Rutland

Well, Outsiders, it appears Commissioner’s Aide Abigail Baker knows that something is going on leading into Friday’s “Blue Bloods” episode.

Baker, played by actress Abigail Hawk, appears in this clip advancing the next episode in the CBS police drama.

Let’s take a look here and see what’s going on in the show.

Abigail Baker’s husband happens to be Brian Baker, a police officer with the New York Police Department. Jarid Faubel plays him on the show.

Last week, Outsiders, you may recall NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, turned down a job with the National Football League.

Now we’re having to face Frank dealing with Abigail’s husband.

The heat is definitely rising on “Blue Bloods.” Friday night’s episode is titled “True Blue.”

So, make your plans to watch this at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Talks About The Challenge of Playing Her Character

While Hawk is definitely thankful for her role on “Blue Bloods,” there can be a challenge or two around playing Baker.

She talked about it in an interview with Starry Mag. Hawk talked about what she’s had to reflect upon while on the show.

There is a five-year age difference between Hawk and Baker. Hawk looks toward imagining what five more years of life experience would look like.

Second, Hawk said her character is “obviously, way smarter” than the actress. Hawk also said keeping up with Baker’s intellect is “something that consistently challenges me.”

Hawk Believes Her Character Did Something Meritorious To Work For Reagan

Third, she said that she believes that her character is brave. Hawk said that she’s even had conversations with Selleck. They focus on how Baker got her job. Hawk thinks Baker did something heroic to get her job.

“Tom and I have talked at length,” she said. “Most likely he brought her on as his Assistant to the Commissioner because something happened meritoriously.

“So, in order for her to be promoted through the ranks, being as young as she is, she would have had to do something meritorious because it wouldn’t have just been like a regular promotion when due for a promotion,” Hawk said.

But there are some fans who want to know just what Baker does in her job.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans debated Baker’s role in the series and picked apart some of the character’s key traits and decisions.

“Stupid question but what IS Baker’s job!?” one fan posted. “I’ve honestly never known. I’ve watched since season 4 and I still don’t know what her job is other than showing people into Frank’s office which led me to believe she was a receptionist until finally I heard something about her being a detective.”