‘Blue Bloods’: Best Shows Similar to the Hit Cop Series to Hold You Over Until Season 12

by Brandi Stillings

One of the most-watched police shows on television, “Blue Bloods” premieres its 12th season this fall. So, what do eager fans watch in the meantime to curb their craving for cop drama? Luckily, we’ve got the top five best TV shows, similar to “Blue Bloods,” to keep you entertained all summer long.

1. “Rookie Blue”

Aired on Canada’s Global, this cop show debuted in 2010 and ran for six seasons. The series features five rookie cops in Toronto, who are trying to train as police officers and maneuver their confusing personal lives. The show also includes family history in the police force, like “Blue Bloods.” (Available for purchase on Amazon)

2. “NYPD Blue”

Responsible for influencing cop dramas today, “NYPD Blue” first aired in 1993 until its 12th season in 2005. The series was known to depict the lives of police officers both on and off the job. Awarded 20 Emmys and 84 nominations, it’s definitely worth checking out. (Available to watch on Hulu)

3. “Brotherhood”

Running from 2006 to 2008 on Showtime, “Brotherhood” involved the conflicting relationships of brothers. The show compares to “Blue Bloods” in the sense that a family divides itself morally with doubts of loyalty as well. (Available to watch on Showtime)

4. “Criminal Minds”

If you’re not already familiar with the CBS police procedural show “Criminal Minds,” it’s time to get acquainted. Along with “Blue Bloods,” it’s another one of the network’s most popular series. It followed a special unit of the FBI called the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). Their job was to analyze potential murder suspects. (Available to watch on Hulu and Paramount+)

5. “Southland”

Known as an overlooked good cop show, “Southland” ran for five seasons both on NBC and TNT. Based in Southern California, The series includes police officers who try to balance both their professional and personal lives. (Available to watch on Hulu)

While anticipating the new “Blue Bloods” season, these five shows should hold you over. If not, we’ve got a few others worth checking out as well.

Other TV Shows Like “Blue Bloods” to Watch This Summer

We know there are a ton of cop dramas to feast your eyes on. However, “Six Feet Under” was recognized as one of the best dramas of all time. While it doesn’t have the police aspect, it does have family drama, and the uncomfortable dinnertimes to go along with it. The Emmy-winning series can be seen on HBO Max.

Another popular TV series, “Animal Kingdom” features a tight-knit criminal family in sunny California. It might sound like a far cry from “Blue Bloods,” but the show does involve a family matriarch and crime kingpin. It’s available to watch on Amazon.

Make sure to catch one or all of these comparable suggestions, instead of waiting around for “Blue Bloods.” Happy watching!