‘Blue Bloods’ Star is a Big Environmentalist, Details What He Does from Home to Contribute

by Amy Myers

With so much time spent on-air, it’s easy to forget that they have hobbies outside of their work. For Blue Bloods star Will Estes, his hobby is one that benefits more than just himself.

Outside of his role as Jamie Reagan, the youngest of the law enforcement-driven family, Estes dedicates his time and energy to environmentalism. Passionate about the green initiative, Estes modified his way of life to better promote the cause to others.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Goes Green

On Blue Bloods, Will Estes portrays Jamie Reagan as a young cop who tends to see crime from all perspectives. Reagan’s good heart and open-mindedness make him one of the most beloved characters on the show. As someone who ran into trouble in his youth, Reagan is also a well-rounded and understanding individual.

Similarly, off-air, Estes shares many of the same aspects as his Blue Bloods character. Through his dedication to “going green,” it’s likely Jamie Reagan would be proud of Will Estes’ efforts.

In an interview with Taylor Magazine, Estes shared how he incorporates environmentalism into his life.

“Acting allows me to do more than I possibly could. I do things, talk about things that allow me to sometimes donate to causes that I do,” Estes said.

However, acting is certainly not his only talent. In fact, Estes reported that he’s quite good with his hands.

“I love to build things, I went to college and took a class on solar panel installation and ended up working with the guys,” the Blue Bloods star said. “We put solar panels on my house in Los Angeles and I have a pure electric car that I drive so not entirely, but in part my car’s driving off the sun right now. Maybe I would build things, I come from a family of entrepreneurs.”

While Estes surely would have made a terrific eco-friendly builder, we’re still happy his day job is playing Jamie Reagan.

Will Estes’ Favorite Organizations

However, Estes’ concern for the environment doesn’t stop when he leaves home. Besides driving a partially solar-powered vehicle, Blue Bloods star Will Estes also involves himself in various non-profits. On his website, he promotes five organizations that he identifies with most: World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Heal the Bay, Best Friends Animal Society and Vote Solar.

Estes chose these particular organizations because “they’re consistent with his belief in advocating sustainability, wildland conservation, renewable energy and humane treatment of animals.”

“As a child, my first awareness about the quality of our environment came after a rainstorm in Los Angeles washed the city’s contaminates into the ocean and made it unfit to swim in. The ocean had always been my playground and I was devastated that we weren’t taking better care of it,” Estes said on his website.