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‘Blue Bloods’ Bloopers From Season 4 That Every Fan Must See

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

With how much fun the cast has in between takes, you would think Blue Bloods was a sitcom rather than a crime drama. However, even when they’re filming the most serious moments on set, the stars of the series always find a way to share a laugh together.

Like any job, you’re bound to have goof-ups and mistakes. But none are quite as funny as the slip-ups the stars of Blue Bloods make every now and then. Though their performance in the show is flawless, that of course takes a few tries and edits to obtain. Those mess-ups—let’s call them Blue-pers—are almost as entertaining as the show itself.

Take a look below at some of the show’s funniest behind-the-scenes moments of Season 4.

‘Blue Bloods’ Stars’ Common Reactions When They Mess Up Their Lines

Besides making funny faces at the camera and elbowing each other at the Reagan dinner table (looking at you, Bridget Moynahan and Sami Gayle), all the Blue Bloods stars have their unique reactions when they mess up a line. It could be a subtle grimace or full-out swearing, but they all have their tells.

For Tom Selleck, who plays NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, he tends to give non-verbal clues when he messes up a line.

Take, for example, when he forgot his lines when one of his co-stars said, “That went surprisingly well,” as they walked beside each other. As if a part of his stage direction, Selleck suddenly heads right back towards the direction they came. His only giveaway was a cheeky smile before calling out, “I apologize.”

For Will Estes, who portrays police officer Jamie Reagan, he’s much more obvious about his goofs.

As he spoke into the phone for one of the scenes, the Blue Bloods star said with sincerity, “I wanted to check up on you. You said, uh—I forgot all my lines. Can I do it again?”

Amazingly, despite the mistake, Estes stayed in character even as he pointed out his mistake.

Donnie Wahlberg Is the Cast’s Class Clown

Then there’s Donnie Wahlberg—the clown of the group. Wahlberg plays Detective Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods and always keeps the cast and crew laughing between takes.

In one instance, before a crew member marked the start of a new take with the clapboard, Wahlberg appeared beside him.

“Do you have dry, ashy lips,” Wahlberg said, with his arm around the smile co-worker, “Never again.”

The Blue Bloods star then theatrically presented a tube of lip balm before giving the crew member a smack on the cheek.

Wahlberg often catches a case of the giggles when he messes up his lines. And most of the time, that’s when he’s beside his partner, Marisa Ramirez, who plays Detective Maria Baez. When they’re together, there’s hardly a moment between takes when the stars aren’t smiling.

In one scene, Wahlberg knocks on a door on the set. As an extra answers it, he laughed, causing Ramirez to join in.

“I forgot your name,” the Blue Bloods star admitted. “Close the door.”

It took several more takes before the detective duo could get through the scene without cracking a smile.

Needless to say, the Blue Bloods set looks like a very fun and very rewarding place to work.