‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Opens Up About Her Son She Shares With Tom Brady: ‘Those Are Some Big Shoes to Fill’

by Amy Myers

Bridget Moynahan, star of Blue Bloods, former model, and mother to her son with NFL star Tom Brady. Believe us, that last one shocked us, too.

When Moynahan’s name first appeared in lights with the crime drama, fans began to wonder where this gorgeous actress had been hiding.

Before becoming the intelligent and upstanding assistant district attorney, Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods, Moynahan modeled for a variety of magazines and catalogs, including Elle, Glamour, and French Vogue. After spending some time in France, Moynahan received a small role on Sex and the City that would change the course of her career and eventually transform her into the Reagan daughter we know today.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Used to Date NFL QB Tom Brady

Prior to her debut on Blue Bloods, Bridget Moynahan dated NFL star quarterback, Tom Brady. At the time, Moynahan was in the midst of filming I, Robot, and Brady just secured his team’s third Super Bowl win in four years against the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the stars’ professional achievements, their relationship was not as successful. After two years of dating, the celebrity couple split and Brady began dating supermodel, Gisele Bündchen.

However, just two months into the new couple’s relationship, ex-girlfriend Moynahan had some pressing news.

Brady and Moynahan were having a baby.

Despite the big news, Brady and Bündchen’s relationship continued, and the future Blue Bloods actress would eventually end up marrying New York businessman Andrew Frankel.

And with how Brady and Moynahan interacted during the pregnancy, it was clear co-parenthood was the best decision.

“[Tom] was there on that day and came in afterwards,” Moynahan said about her labor. “He certainly wasn’t holding my hand while I pushed.”

Moynahan gave birth to their son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, in August of 2007.

Moynahan and Her Son Today

Fast forward through eleven successful seasons of Blue Bloods and counting, Moynahan and Brady’s son is now 13 years old. With a legendary football star for a dad, most people would think the teenager would want to follow in his dad’s cleat-steps.

However, in an interview with Extra TV, his mother claimed that John does have an interest in sports, but just not the one his father plays. In fact, he prefers shin pads over shoulder pads.

“He doesn’t actually play football,” Moynahan said. “He plays soccer. Because those are some big shoes to fill.”

Although the young Moynahan might not ever see a Vince Lombardi trophy outside of his father’s wins, the co-parenting couple still seem to be very proud of their son’s exploits.

And, who knows? He may want to trade in the soccer ball for a few acting classes and follow in his mother’s footsteps instead.