‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Once Challenged Herself to Live on a Little Over $1 a Day

by Amy Myers

A common acting method for a lot of Hollywood stars is to find similarities with their characters in order to better portray their personas. For Blue Bloods star, Bridget Moynahan, she does this without even trying.

On the hit crime series, Moynahan portrays Erin Reagan, the Bureau Chief in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Moynahan’s character is famously just, sacrificing even good standings with her family members in order to hold up the law to its utmost truths. While the actress may not be as controversial in real life, she still actively advocates for those in need.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress ‘Lives Below the Line’

Although the Blue Bloods actress has made a successful career for herself, Bridget Moynahan is still aware that poverty remains to be an issue across the globe. In 2014, she chose to join the Global Poverty Project’s fundraising campaign “Live Below the Line,” which challenges people to spend only $1.50 on food and water a day for five days. During an interview with AOL.com, Moynahan discussed her decision to join the effort.

According to the Blue Bloods star, her interviewer offered her a bottle of water. Unfortunately, Moynahan couldn’t accept because she couldn’t “fit that into my budget.” Instead, she opted for tap water. It was a small choice, but one that demonstrated how luxuries like bottled water are not available to everyone.

Her interviewer commented that his bottle of soda was in fact cheaper than a bottle of water, emphasizing that less healthier options tend to be more affordable.

“There’s 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty, and that’s defined as being—living on $1.50 a day,” Moynahan explained. “So we’re asking people through Live Below the Line to live on $1.50 a day.”

However, in order to ensure participants could still pay for other necessities, the limit only applied to food and drink.

“Obviously, extreme poverty, they’re having to live on it for all their expenses and sometimes having to make really serious decisions based on that,” she continued. “They might be choosing between medicine or eating that day.”

Moynahan Challenges People to Be More ‘Conscious’

The ultimate goal for Moynahan and the Global Poverty Project is to rid the world of poverty by 2030. On a smaller scale, the Blue Bloods actress just hopes for more people to become “more conscious” of the choices they make. Moynahan herself discovered that her choices were at times wasteful.

“I was wasting a lot of food, and I wasn’t super conscious of what I was purchasing when I was at the store. So, it’s making me think about things in different ways,” Moynahan said.

Whether or not Erin Reagan inspired actress Moynahan to join the fundraiser, both women seem determined to make a difference. For Erin Reagan, that may mean standing up to her family when the law isn’t on their side. For Bridget Moynahan, that means being involved with organizations that help those in need.