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‘Blue Bloods’: Bridget Moynahan Has One Major Reason Why She Thinks Her Husband Is the ‘Nicest Guy Ever’

by Jennifer Shea
Andrew Toth/WireImage

“Blue Bloods” star Bridget Moynahan has a husband who loves her cooking – even if it’s just boiled water, she says.

The actress wed Andrew Frankel, a Wall Street businessman, in October of 2015. They got married in the Hamptons in a small ceremony which was followed by a larger party, at which they surprised guests with the news that they had just gotten married.

Moynahan described her husband as a pretty easygoing guy who will eat anything she cooks.

“He’s pretty easy and basic. So honestly, if I boil water for him, he’d be like, ‘This is amazing!’ ” Moynahan told People that November. “He really is the sweetest.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Released a Show-Themed Cookbook

Following in the footsteps of other celebrities like Trisha Yearwood, Moynahan released a cookbook full of recipes inspired by her family. The cookbook, titled “The Blue Bloods Cookbook,” features “Blue Bloods”-themed recipes as well as home cooking from Moynahan.

As for what that entails, Moynahan told People she’s a “firm believer in more butter, more cream.” But she said she also enjoys “a clean salad” now and then.

Apparently, none of it was inspired by her husband, who reportedly does not know his way around a kitchen. Fortunately for him, the “Blue Bloods” star does.

Moynahan Found Happiness After Heartache

Moynahan famously dated Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, with whom she has one son, nicknamed Jack. She discovered she was pregnant with Jack around the time that she and Brady broke up and Brady moved on to dating model Gisele Bundchen.

So Moynahan had to be a single mother for some time. Then a mutual friend set her up with Frankel.

“He’s super easy to talk to, so it was like I was going out with somebody I knew for a lifetime,” she said on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show in 2015.  

But it wasn’t easy to get there. First Moynahan had to endure a firestorm of tabloid scrutiny.

“I would have cars following me, and men hiding in the bushes outside my house,” she said in a personal essay for the book “Our Shoes, Our Selves.” “As a new mother, you want to just protect your child. That kind of attention felt like a threat.”

Fortunately, the actress survived all that attention and went on to co-parent Jack with Brady. And now she and Frankel have a happy family of their own.