‘Blue Bloods’: Bridget Moynahan Passed on Show, But a Costar’s Phone Call Convinced Her to Join

by Megan Molseed

Would it be possible to imagine “Blue Bloods” without Bridget Moynahan’s portrayal of Frank Reagan’s only daughter? Thankfully, we don’t have to. We also have one of Moynahan’s “Blue Bloods” castmates to thank for that, notes a 2019 article on CBS.

During a 2019 interview with Watch! “Blue Bloods” star, Donnie Wahlberg discussed his relationship with Moynahan. Including how he called her trying to convince the actress to take the role of Erin Reagan on the hit primetime series “Blue Bloods”.

“We have a great friendship,” the actor said. Wahlberg added that he and Moynahan had worked together previously on a 2008 pilot Wahlberg executive produced.

“When the “Blue Bloods” offer came along, I immediately called her,” the actor explained. “I said, “You have to play the sister.”

Moynahan Wasn’t Sure About ‘Blue Bloods’ Filming Plan

Unfortunately, Wahlberg noted, the actress had already passed on the role. According to the article, Moynahan was concerned about where the series would be filming. Moynahan who has a teenage son with NFL star Tom Brady, was worried about the series shooting in Canada. The commute was something the actress and mother wanted to avoid.

However, Wahlberg told Watch!, he was pretty sure there was no way the series would end up shooting the episodes that far north.

Wahlberg talked to Moynahan telling her he could almost guarantee there is no way Tom Selleck, who plays the “Blue Bloods” father, Frank, would agree to film in Canada.

“He will fight to do it in New York because he wants it to be authentic,” Donnie said of Selleck.

So, Moynahan took the role. Since then, fans have been delighted to watch Moynahan’s portrayal of the Reagan daughter And for eleven seasons, going on twelve.

Moynahan and Wahlberg Are Not Like the Siblings They Portray

The only daughter in the family of New York Police Department officers, Erin Reagan is the second oldest of the Reagan children. The single mother serves as the Bureau Chief in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

While Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg clearly have a bond, their characters are often butting heads in the hit CBS series. Donnie’s character, Danny Reagan, is a New York Police Department Detective. He and Erin often disagree over the letters of the law. Given their positions in the field, this often leads to multiple disagreements in the field as well as at the Reagan family dinner table.