‘Blue Bloods’: Bridget Moynahan Remembers Her First Modeling Gig Was ‘Fabulous’ in 2014 Interview

by Amy Myers

Before Bridget Moynahan breathed life into Erin Reagan in the TV drama Blue Bloods, she posed in high-end clothes for tons of fashion magazines, all while looking as glamorous as she does on screen. While the successful actress loves her current role, she still has fond memories of her previous life in catalogs.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Dishes About Modeling Career

Back before Bridget Moynahan entered the professional world, her aspirations were quite different than what they are today. When she began studying at University of Massachusetts, the future Blue Bloods actress wanted to be a dentist. You read that right—a dentist.

While Moynahan certainly would have made a great dentist, her plans swiftly changed when she accompanied a friend to a modeling audition. The young Moynahan ended up signing with the agency herself, embarking on a long career on magazine covers like French Vogue, Elle, and Glamour. However, her first gig was quite different from the fashion publications that she would frequent later on.

In an interview with AOL.com, the Blue Bloods star remembers her first gig fondly, recalling that she was just excited to earn money. Unlike her later work, though, the attire she wore for the shoot was more practical than it was flattering.

“The first catalogue I did was for scuba gear,” the former model reported.

Moynahan goes on to say that her first job was an upgrade from other common jobs a young student has, like waiting tables.

Moynahan’s Transition Into Filming

After entering the world of modeling, Moynahan quickly found her way into the filming industry, as well. Her debut screen performance was on Sex and the City as the fiancee of Mr. Big. Originally a small part, Moynahan’s role expanded to keep her in the storyline. This was the big break that led to her more major roles in movies like Coyote Ugly and I, Robot.

Moynahan’s winding journey to the set of Blue Bloods has also taught her a lot about herself and the film industry.

“I was sought out for a film role once, and I had to audition,” Moynahan told CBS. “I asked somebody in my acting class to help me with the part. Everything I thought to do naturally, he changed; he urged me to perform the role in a way that did not feel natural. I went with what he was suggesting, and I didn’t get the job. What I took away from that experience was that you have to trust yourself.”

While the actress has no regrets about her career choices over the years, she does express some desire to finish her studies. It may even help her with her current role as Erin Reagan.

“Somewhere around the fourth or fifth season of Blue Bloods, I thought I might try to go to law school,” she said. “Then I saw the LSAT study guide.”

Even though a law degree may not be in her cards, if her past is any indication, Bridget Moynahan can do anything she sets her mind to.