‘Blue Bloods’ Celebrates National Grandparents Day With Special Tribute to Tom Selleck, Len Cariou

by Taylor Cunningham

It’s National Grandparents Day. Today we celebrate the people in our lives who loaded us full of sugar and bought us toys we didn’t need. Whether you called them nana, granny, grampy, or grandpa, they gave us some of our favorite childhood memories. And today, Blue Bloods made sure to give a shout-out to two of their favorite granddads, Tom Selleck and Len Cariou.

81-year-old Len Cariou is actually a grandpa and a great-grandpa. And Emmy award-winning Selleck has six grandchildren from his adopted son Kevin.

The official Blue Bloods page posted pictures of the presumably awesome grandfathers on Twitter today and wished them a happy day.

“Happy #NationalGrandparentsDay to two of the best grandpas we know!” wrote the show. “Tell us one thing you love about your grandparents.”

Fans were happy to jump in the celebration. “I loved them very much! Now I don’t have them anymore!” one person Tweeted. “My maternal grandparents raised my younger brother & myself after my parents divorced in ’57,” commented another. “My grandparents attended every school function. They encouraged, comforted, guided, were role models in their compassion, gumption, empathy & affection.”

Blue Blood’s Tom Selleck Says His Own Family Dinners Are a ‘Big Deal’

Family dinners are a big deal for Tom Selleck’s real-life family and on-screen family. The Reagan family sits down for a big dinner and a glass of whiskey on each episode of Blue Bloods. In fact, there has only been one episode where the family didn’t share a meal. In that show, Frank’s wife Linda was shot while working at the hospital. She and Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny missed the beloved tradition that week.

And offscreen, the Selleck family treats family dinners just the same. In an interview with Rachel Ray, the Magnum P.I. star said he likes to get his whole family around the dinner table.

“I mean my idea of a big deal is dinner with my brother and sister, and whatever family you can get together — my son … my daughter,” he said to Ray. “Being quiet and with the people you care about.”

Rachel Ray, who was interviewing Selleck on his 76th birthday, said she agrees. She loves gathering her family for a meal, too.

However, Selleck’s on-screen son, Donnie Wahlberg, said even though he came from a large family, his dinners were quite different.

Wahlberg had nine people in his family, and food could be scarce. “We’d be fighting over who got the last piece of chicken,” he recalled. “There wouldn’t be any pie. There wouldn’t be any dessert at all.”

But the scenes still give him warm feelings about his past. “My original connection to the show was the family element,” he told CBS.

Wahlberg said his Blue Bloods sister reminds him of his real-life sister, Trixie. “And, you know, reading the family dinner scene, and Danny arguing with Bridget Moynahan’s character, Erin, reminded me of my sister Trixie.”