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‘Blue Bloods’: The Challenge of Playing Abigail Baker for Actress Abigail Hawk

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/FilmMagic)

Landing a role on a long-running show like “Blue Bloods” is every actor’s dream. This was certainly the case for actor Abigail Hawk who plays Detective Abigail Baker on the show.

However, there are a few things that challenge Hawk when she’s portraying Baker on “Blue Bloods.” During an interview, Hawk revealed some of the things that she has to reflect on while acting on the show. First, there’s a five-year age difference between Hawk and Baker. So, Hawk says that she has to imagine what it would be like to have five additional years of life experience under her belt. Five years doesn’t sound like a lot. But, we all know how much can happen in five years. People can change a lot in that amount of time. So, it makes sense that the age difference would pose an interesting reflection for Hawk.

Secondly, the “Blue Bloods” star claims that her character is “obviously, way smarter” than her. She said that keeping up with her character’s intellect is “something that consistently challenges me.” Playing someone super intelligent on a television show is a pretty cool way to get a little smarter.

Hawk added that she also believes that her character is brave. She said that she’s even had conversations with co-star Tom Selleck about how her character landed her job as Assistant to the Commissioner. Hawk believes that Baker did some incredibly heroic to land the job.

“Tom and I have talked at length. Most likely he brought her on as his Assistant to the Commissioner because something happened meritoriously,” said Hawk. “So, in order for her to be promoted through the ranks, being as young as she is, she would have had to do something meritorious because it wouldn’t have just been like a regular promotion when due for a promotion. So, we think that when she was off duty at some point, she did something very heroic and sprung into action. She did something truly heroic and special, which is definitely her M.O. and Frank saw that and said, ‘I can use this.'”

What Is Abigail Hawk’s Favorite Thing About Her Character On ‘Blue Bloods’?

Yes, the “Blue Bloods” star said her character challenges her. However, Hawk said that she loves portraying Baker in “Blue Bloods.” She even revealed one of the traits she loves most about her character.

“The thing that I love about her is that she’s just so capable of reading the room. And reading people,” said Hawk. “She almost has this sixth sense about people that are going in and out of that office…Baker is obviously the brains of the operation. She’s like Penny from ‘Inspector Gadget.’ I’ve always looked at her like that.”