‘Blue Bloods’ Star Theorized on Why Many Child Stars Get in Trouble, Why He Didn’t

by Megan Molseed

Some child stars end up experiencing some rough times. Hollywood can be a tough place for young actors, and some of these stories have become infamous. While some actors who found fame at a young age may face challenges, others find an easier time in Hollywood. 

Thankfully, “Blue Bloods” star Will Estes was one of those child stars. 

During a 2019 interview with the entertainment outlet “Liveabout,” Estes talked about his early acting days. During the interview, Estes discussed why he thought finding fame at a young age was a little easier for him. The Los Angeles native noted that he grew up in the area, even before he discovered acting.

The “Blue Bloods” star thinks this may be why avoiding trouble as a young actor was easier for him than it had been for some of his fellow young actors.  

When asked why he thought so many child actors get into so much trouble, Estes attributed the fact that grew up in Los Angeles as one of the reasons he stayed away from trouble as a child actor. 

“I think Los Angeles can be a tough place, the industry can be tough,” Estes said. “I think it’s a place where values aren’t always clear, there’s a weird value set put on an actor based on whether or not you’re working. A lot of kids come out here after high school or college and they don’t have a home base. I grew up here, so I had my friends and my family. It (acting) was something I did, not who I was.”

Estes added that another thing that may have helped was the fact that he didn’t take acting too seriously. Estes told the outlet that he saw acting as “something I did, not who I was.” 

“Blue Bloods” Star First Found Fame In Modern “Lassie”

Estes started acting at the age of 11 when he landed a role on “The New Lassie.” In the show, Estes played WIll McCullough. The McCullough’s owned a descendent of the famous and beloved Collie, Lassie. 

During the interview, “The Blue Bloods” star added that even though he calls it home, he believes Los Angeles can be a tough place for budding actors. 

“I think Los Angeles can be a tough place,” Estes told the entertainment outlet.  “The industry can be tough.” 

Estes continued on, telling “Liveabout” that he thinks the fact that values aren’t always completely clear may add to some of the issues. 

“I think it’s a place where values aren’t always clear,” Estes said. “There’s a weird value set put on an actor based on whether or not you’re working.”

In 2010, Will Estes joined “The Blue Bloods” cast. He plays, Jamie, the youngest son of the Reagan clan. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), Jamie’s father, is the current New York City Police Commissioner. 

His two brothers both became police officers and his sister Erin serves as the New York City Assistant District Attorney.