‘Blue Bloods’: Could Erin and Jack Have a Future Together in Upcoming Season 12?

by Katie Maloney

Erin Reagan hasn’t been very lucky in love on “Blue Bloods.” When she was just 19 years old, Erin met Jack Boyle and the two quickly married. The couple had one daughter, Nicky, before divorcing. But the divorce wasn’t as abrupt as the marriage. Jack actually refused to sign the divorce papers at first. However, he eventually signed the papers and granted Erin full custody of Nicky. In later seasons, Jack and Erin rekindled their relationship for a very brief moment. But Erin wouldn’t allow it to become anything more than just a fling. She didn’t want Nicky to get any more hurt than she already was by the divorce. Since then, Erin has dated a few different guys but nothing has stuck. So, fans are wondering, will Jack return for another chance at love with Erin?

Jack did return in season 11 and he seemed to have made some big changes in his life. He even attended family dinner – which was tough for him. Can you imagine walking into a Regan family dinner where all the Reagans kind of dislike you? “Blue Bloods” executive producer, Kevin Wade recently revealed that he would be open to a romantic reconciliation between Erin and Jack.

“The chemistry there is fantastic,” Wade said, “…and I think the idea of two people getting into their 40s with a significant ex-spouse and never having found the replacement for it is a delightful almost romantic comedy string to play out.”

How Does Bridget Moynahan Feel About Erin and Jack Getting Back Together on ‘Blue Bloods’?

So, will Erin Reagan find lasting love? We don’t know. We also aren’t sure how actress Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin on “Blue Bloods” feels about the reunion now. However, we do have an interview from Moynahan from 2014 during which she talked about hoping that Jack would return to the show. At the time, her character was also dating someone else. So, Moynahan said she was excited for all the romance Erin was getting on the show.

“Technically, I had a new love interest, dating interest. So I’m hoping he comes back because it was really fun. But also, I hope my ex-husband on the show comes back as well. So, I’m torn,” said Moynahan. But I don’t know where they’re going to take it next season. They don’t really tell us.”

A “Blue Bloods” love triangle may be a bit much, although, it would be pretty entertaining. But we would be all for seeing Erin and Jack together again – as long as Erin is truly happy. We’ll just have to wait for the next season of “Blue Bloods” to find out more about Erin’s love life.