‘Blue Bloods’: Could a Season Renewal Come During the 250th Episode?

by Amanda Glover

It’s a very special time for “Blue Bloods” fans! After nearly 12 years, the hit CBS crime drama is about to hit the premiere of it’s 250 episode.

After catching the last episode “Allegiance” on Friday, we’re dying to see what’s next for the Reagans. But sadly, we don’t yet have a premise for the 250th episode, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to.

The title of the 249th “Blue Bloods” episode is “Where We Stand.” At least that gives fans more time to get excited about the 250th episode. The episode hints at unity, values. These are the type of things that Frank Reagan especially values.

Since CBS already confirmed the 250th episode of “Blue Bloods” is premiering on March 11, we’re expecting a proper celebration. Maybe that means some exciting guest stars and an even more exciting storyline. It will also be the last episode for a couple of weeks. This is because the NCAA Tournament coverage is going to hold the network hostage on March 18.

What if fans get the news of a Season 13 renewal for “Blue Bloods” during the 250th episode? With the way the cast is celebrating on social media, we definitely want to join in.

‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Selleck Reveals the 3 Reasons the Show Has Lasted So Long

After 12 years and 12 seasons, “Blue Bloods” continues to bring excitement to its fans. From the action, drama, romances, and family dinners, it’s never boring. That’s likely one of the reasons it’s lasted for this long. But what do the show’s stars think?

During an interview with Rachael Ray, “Blue Bloods” actor, Tom Selleck discusses why the show has gained such success.

“Well, what has always worked for me, or what my appetites are…they go to the words, ‘character-driven shows’. So, [Magnum P.I.] was a character-driven show. I don’t remember half the plots. Way less than half. And when I saw this [Blue Bloods] script, it was character-driven in an age when there’s just so many procedurals on,” said Selleck.

“We’ve got great actors, great characters, and good writing, that’s why it’s still on. Because I’m sure, not bored with it,” he concluded.

It’s clear how much the cast of “Blue Bloods” loves each other. Donnie Wahlberg definitely feels that way about his TV family. In an interview with WATCH, Wahlberg was asked about the dinner scenes and how they make up some of the greatest moments of the show.

“A lot of that’s improvised. Someone else might kick me under the table and say, ‘Stop adding those improvs,’ but Tom doesn’t. And six months later he’ll say, ‘I love the way you fill in all the holes in the dinner scene. It needs you, you keep it alive.’ What a great thing that the head of the table just trusts me. It means the world to me,” Wahlberg answered.