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‘Blue Bloods’: Danny and Baez May Face New Challenge in Upcoming Episode

by Jennifer Shea
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

In an upcoming episode of the hit CBS series “Blue Bloods,” Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) will face a daunting new challenge that may push them outside their respective comfort zones.

The NYPD partners will have to look into the murder of a student at a prestigious private school. In the process, they will have to persuade people to talk to them who may be inclined to stay quiet out of fear of social ostracization.

As CarterMatt points out, patience is not Danny’s long suit. And New York’s upper class is not exactly known for friendliness or openness to outsiders.

The hope for fans of Danny and Baez will be that this plotline lasts for more than one episode. But it could also be a standalone case. Only time will tell, so “Blue Bloods” fans, make sure to tune in to CBS this Friday at 10 p.m. ET for the fourth episode of the new season.

Like Their ‘Blue Bloods’ Characters, Wahlberg and Ramirez Are Close

Like the fictional NYPD detectives they play, Wahlberg and Ramirez are a platonic pair with a strong rapport. As evidence of that, for Ramirez’s birthday last month, Wahlberg posted a lengthy celebratory screed on Instagram as well as a highlight reel of Danny and Baez moments from “Blue Bloods.”

“Since my TV partner on @bluebloods_cbs, Marisa Ramirez aka @marisachicaramirez, Birthday falls on #waybackwednesday this year — I figured I’d go way back to some fun and fond memories of our ‘work’ together over the last 9 1/2 years,” Wahlberg captioned the post. “I don’t call it work because it’s been nothing but a joy for the last almost decade. If you think it looks like we have fun, and have each other’s back, it’s because we always do. Onscreen and off — I could not ask for a more incredible, trustworthy and absolutely hilarious friend/partner.”

“Have the happiest of Birthdays my dear friend (not sure how you got the day off on yours and I didn’t on mine but whatevahhhhh),” Wahlberg added. “Here’s to another ten seasons. Then we will call it ‘Gray Bloods’. Well, I’ll probably call it Bald Bloods by then but whatevahhhhh! Love and Light always!”

“I love this so much,” his “Blue Bloods” co-star responded. “So much gratitude for my partner in solving crime! You bring so much laughter and light into my world MAN! Thank you for being you.”

Watch the highlight reel here:

Danny-Baez Romance Not in the Cards Anytime Soon

Meanwhile, some fans have been lobbying for an evolution in the relationship between Danny and Baez. But in a recent interview with CBS’s “The Talk,” the “Blue Bloods” stars pushed back against that idea.

“See we have a feeling on this,” Wahlberg said. “Will Estes plays my younger brother on the show, and Vanessa Ray plays his now wife, and they started off as partners, and the minute they got together and got married, they don’t have scenes anymore.”

“I don’t want to be here if I don’t have scenes with him,” Ramirez added.

Wahlberg said the duo laughs a lot on set. They enjoy each other’s company, and besides making things much more complicated for the show’s writers, a romance between their characters could put a stop to that.

So, the upshot? Don’t look for the easy but platonic camaraderie between Danny and Baez to change anytime soon.