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‘Blue Bloods’: Danny and Jamie Go On a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ in Throwback Clip From Season 11

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Family teamwork! In a clip from CBS hit series, Blue Bloods, Danny Reagon (Donnie Wahlberg) assists his brother Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) in tracking down a missing ATF agent in New York City.

At the beginning of the scene, the Blue Bloods’ main characters are in Jamie’s car at a gas station. Danny instructs Jamie to flash his lights at a parked truck. Danny then decides to get out of the car and walk over to the truck. Upon discovering that no one is in the truck and secure, Danny flags Jamie to park his car in the space next to it. 

Danny then goes inside the gas station and talks to the attendant, who tells them a quick rundown of what he witnessed. Danny and the attendant check the station’s cameras and see the missing ATF agent, who puts a map of New Hampshire up to the camera, giving them a clue to where he and his captors are going. 

Meanwhile, Jamie is outside and sees two trucks pull into the gas station. The men in the trucks go and investigate the first truck, only to realize they can’t get in either. Danny figures out what the next clue is and runs out of the station, only to run into the other truck’s drivers. Danny then sabotages the trucks so the drivers are unable to track down the ATF agent. The brothers then drive off. 

Are There Any Major Plans For Jamie in the Upcoming Season of ‘Blue Bloods’?

In a recent interview with TVLine, Executive Producer of Blue Bloods Kevin Wade talks about Jamie and his wife Eddie having children in the near future.

“We talk about it sometimes, Wade explains. ‘I think that would be something that would come out of a combination of our fictional lives and their real lives.” Wade further notes that the duo is still figuring out their relationship and their future plans.

Wade also discusses the focus of the upcoming season of Blue Bloods. “For now, we’re just gonna play probably Jamie’s promotion. If they said this show’s going to run for six more years, I’m guessing that Jamie may well be in 1PP before it was over.”

He doesn’t necessarily think commissioner for Jamie though, but he thinks Eddie will have a chance at a promotion as well.

“We played an episode late in the season where she went undercover with Anthony [Steve Schirripa] to try to nab a crooked parole office,” the Blue Bloods producer states. “It’s on the table that Eddie could become a detective.”

Blue Bloods is set to return for its 13th season this fall. Cast returning include Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Bridget Moynahan, Tom Selleck, and Abigail Hawk.