‘Blue Bloods’: Did Tom Selleck Have Any Say in Who Was Cast on the Series?

by John Jamison

When Tom Selleck took the role of New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on the hit CBS series “Blue Bloods,” he did it because he thought it would be a good show. But unlike much of his time on “Magnum P.I.” and his “Jesse Stone” projects, he wasn’t a producer and didn’t have much say on who the show decided to cast around him.

Based on the family dynamic and emphasis on character, he knew that the ensemble cast would need to carry the show. And now, over a decade later, Selleck couldn’t be happier with the casting choices “Blue Bloods” made. The Reagan family itself has remained intact over the years, and the show has enjoyed a ton of success because of it.

In a 2010 interview with Collider, the “Blue Bloods” star talked about how he factored into the casting process on the show.

“I didn’t have any official say, whatsoever, but they were nice enough to mention people to me,” Selleck said. “I have no objection to this fine group of actors that we’ve got. With ‘Jesse Stone,’ I wear a lot more hats. With this, I’ve got about one hat, maybe one and a half hats, because I’m older.”

The Benefits Of Taking A Backseat

It has to feel good when you know that you’re in good hands. For Tom Selleck, it was a refreshing experience not having to worry about every little thing. Because he only wears “one and a half hats” on “Blue Bloods,” the responsibility doesn’t fall on his shoulders alone.

And that could very well explain why he’s been able to outlast the amount of time he spent on “Magnum P.I.” In fact, the reason he only did eight seasons on the iconic show was that it was exhausting.

“Having done a lead, as I did in ‘Magnum,’ being in every shot, I know it’s a tough road. ‘Magnum’ was never canceled. I left it after eight years because I was tired from it, not tired of it,” the “Blue Bloods” star said in the same interview.

Despite Not Having An Official Say In Casting, Tom Selleck Influenced The Cast Of ‘Blue Bloods’

Through no fault of his own, Tom Selleck did, in fact, contribute to casting “Blue Bloods.”

If you asked Danny Reagan actor Donnie Wahlberg, he might tell you that Bridget Moynahan accepted her role on the show because he promised her his paychecks. And that actually happened. But it wasn’t the only thing the Erin Reagan actress took into consideration.

The respect that she has for Tom Selleck informed her decision, as well. At first, she turned the “Blue Bloods” role down. When she learned that the TV icon was going to be involved, she reconsidered. Moynahan changed her mind, and has played the role for the last 11 years.