‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Detailed Why There Should Be Separate Emmy Category for ‘Network Dramas’

by Evan Reier

Donnie Wahlberg knows that Blue Bloods faces stiff competition when it comes to the Emmys. With as much TV as there is these days, its near impossible.

That’s primarily because there’s several different delivery methods. Streaming means that many shows are now released with shorter seasons and able to spend more time polishing.

However, Blue Bloods doesn’t have that fortune as a CBS mainstay. The show has always been an hour in length, and making content for a network powerhouse means more episodes than a cable program or a streaming offering.

Back in 2014, Donnie Wahlberg discussed the exact topic. When the topic of how he balances all of his different projects came up, it was something that the Blue Bloods actor couldn’t help but mention.

“It’s tough because I’m also a dad and a husband,” Wahlberg said on CBS This Morning. “And have a lot of other things going on too. One-hour dramas are so long. I mean, I work pretty much five days a week, sometimes 16 hours a day and eight months a year. There should be a separate Emmy category for network dramas because the cable shows are like eight episodes and they’re done and they’re on vacation in Hawaii. We’re still working through February and January.”

It’s an aspect of TV some may not consider when weighing up shows. But at the end of the day, Wahlberg wouldn’t do much differently.

“It’s brutal hours,” Wahlberg finished. “But I worked my whole life to be in this position and I’m not going to complain about anything. I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I have and I love what I do.”

Blue Bloods Doesn’t Get Much Love from the Emmys

Blue Bloods has been a massive hit since its arrival on CBS in 2010. Obviously, it wouldn’t be prepping for its 13th season if it wasn’t a smash-hit. This might be best evidenced by its ratings, as the show has finished in the Top 10 in four of its past five seasons.

However, the show and its actors haven’t gotten much love from the Emmys over the years. They certainly didn’t this year, not being nominated in a single category.

In fact, Blue Bloods has only been nominated for one Emmy in its entire run. That came in 2013, when the show was nominated for Outstanding Stunt Coordination. As one might guess, the show did not end up winning the award.

That somewhat has to do with it being a police procedural. It also doesn’t help that it has to compete with all of the best dramas in television, including shows like HBO’s ever-popular Succession.

Maybe Donnie Wahlberg is onto something. However, it feels unlikely that their will ever be that level of distinction between types of television.