‘Blue Bloods’: Why Donnie Wahlberg Compared Filming in NYC to ‘New Kids on the Block’ Concerts

by Robert Davis

In an interview with CBS, “Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg said filming in New York City often reminds him of New Kids On The Block concerts.

Wahlberg began his entertainment career as a member of the boy band New Kids On The Block in the late 1980s. Since then, the group has sold more than 70 million records worldwide. The group disbanded in 1994 but publicly reunited in 2008.

“There’s nothing like shooting here,” Wahlberg told the television network. “I get energized on the streets. And it’s such a big city, there’s so much going on, and of course, our characters’ jobs as police officers is to control what’s going on.”

He said his experience in the music industry helped him understand the power of capturing an audience. Wahlberg regularly performed for tens of thousands of fans when he was in New Kids On The Block. Now, his audience is in the millions, which requires changes to his mindset.

“In my music career,” Wahlberg added. “How do I get control of 15,000 screaming people in an arena and get them to follow along where I want to take them during a song or a moment or an entire concert? I think that’s what I do in Blue Bloods, but in a different way.”

Danny Reagan Leads with Loyalty in “Blue Bloods”

“Blue Bloods” is a police procedural drama about the Reagan Family, all of whom work in law enforcement for the New York Police Department.

Wahlberg plays Danny Reagan, a tough-nosed detective who Wahlberg describes as “very loyal” to his law enforcement family. He told CBS that there are times when he may play around and say “I’m going to go a little Columbo [Peter Falk] in this moment.” However, Wahlberg added he “generally” plays a straightforward character.

This straightforwardness is also seen off-set as well. According to the interview, Wahlberg is often a “model” of friendly comportment.

“Throughout multiple costume changes and a succession of both still and video sessions, he’s been laughing, solicitous, and just plain eager to help,” it says.

When he’s not filming, Wahlberg said he can be found in one of two places. Before the pandemic, he was either spending time with his wife and children or touring with the band.

A Tough Business to Stay Out Of

Wahlberg is an admittedly busy person. Although “Blue Bloods” takes up a lot of time, Wahlberg consistently appears in other projects.

For example, he’s produced six television series since joining the force in 2010. According to IMDB, some credits include “Return of the Mack,” “Very Scary People,” and “The Wahlburgers.”

At the same time, Wahlberg has also appeared in other television shows. The most recent example includes an appearance on FOX’s “The Masked Singer” as Cluedle-Doo. Wahlberg was eliminated from the show during the semi-finals.