‘Blue Bloods’: Why Donnie Wahlberg Called His First Dinner Table Scene ‘Traumatizing’

by Keeli Parkey

“Blue Bloods” is a television show known for many things. There’s all the drama surrounding the Reagan family and the New York City Police Department. There are the great performances by actors such as Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Lou Cariou, and others.

Another very popular part of the hit CBS show is the Sunday dinner table scenes. It is during these scenes that the Reagan family comes together to share – and sometimes argue – with one another.

According to what Donnie Wahlberg said in 2019, it was the very first of these scenes that stands out. It was a challenging scene. And, he feels that way because of how his character, Danny Reagan, behaves in the scene. Wahlberg had to perform it in front of actors he respected.

“The first one will always stand out to me the most,” he shared. “It was so intimidating. My character basically had to run roughshod over the table and to sit down with that cast and with Tom Selleck at the head of the table.”

Selleck’s famous mustache also intimidated Wahlberg because it reminded him of his father.

“My dad used to wear a mustache a lot, and he’s very intimidating and he sat at the head of the table like that,” Wahlberg said. “It was sort of traumatizing for me to sit there and have to come in on my first day of shooting the series and just basically take over the dinner table.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Donnie Wahlberg Put Pressure on Himself to Get First Dinner Scene Right

In addition to having that “traumatizing” feeling while filming his first Reagan family dinner scene on “Blue Bloods,” Donnie Wahlberg also put a lot of pressure on himself to get the scene right.

“But I knew if I didn’t do it successfully, the show wouldn’t have a chance to thrive,” he also said in 2019.

By getting that scene right, Wahlberg was help setting the tone for “Blue Bloods.”

“We had to be able to speak our own voices and stand up for our characters’ points of views on the show or it wouldn’t work,” he said.

Wahlberg was also anxious to see how the most famous actor on the show would review his performance.

“When I did and improved a few lines and became loud and boisterous at the table, I didn’t know how Tom Selleck would react,” Wahlberg said. “But he gave me the biggest smile and pat on the back after. And said that’s what’s going to make this show magic.”

While the very first dinner scene stands out as “traumatizing” for Wahlberg, another is also memorable. This one is the first time the Reagans sat down for a meal after the loss of a character.

“It’s a big loss, and I’ll always remember the emotion of that day,” Wahlberg said.