‘Blue Bloods’: Donnie Wahlberg Gives Intense ‘Don’t Mess With My Family’ Look in New Photo

by Megan Molseed

There is always a bond between each member of the Reagan family on the hit CBS drama, “Blue Bloods.” In a recent Instagram post, Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny Reagan on the hit show, gives a look that screams “don’t mess with my family.” 

On the “Blue Bloods” own Instagram account, bluebloods_cbs, Wahlberg is featured in a photo riding in a car with costar Will Estes, who plays Wahlberg’s little brother in the hit series. 

In the photo, “Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg is looking out the window with an uber-serious look. 

“That “Don’t mess with my family” look,” the “Blue Bloods” Insta post read. “Re-watch your favorite brother duo in action and stream #BlueBloods from the beginning on @ParamountPlus.” 

The hit CBS series, “Blue Bloods” premiered in 2010. The popular law-enforcement drama follows the Reagan family in New York City. 

‘Blue Bloods’ Law Enforcement Family Are a Close Bunch

Each member of the Reagan clan works in New York City law enforcement. 

The Reagan family patriarch, Henry Reagan, (Len Cariou) was formerly the New York City Police Commissioner. That’s a position that Henry’s son, Frank, now holds. Frank (Tom Selleck) has four children. Joe was a New York City Police officer. He was killed in the line of duty prior to the start of the series. Frank’s other children each work in law enforcement as well. 

Danny (Wahlberg) is a NYPD detective. Danny’s younger brother, Jamie (Estes) is a sergeant for the New York Police Department. Frank’s only daughter, Erin also works in the same field. She is currently working in the NYC DA office. 

The Reagans are an extremely tight-knit family. While they may disagree often, they are always the first to stand up for each other. Thus Danny’s stare-down on Instagram.  

The closeness of the Reagan family is apparent in each episode as they often cross paths in the line of duty. They are also known for their regular family dinner get-togethers.  

The dinner scenes are featured on each episode of “Blue Bloods.” They have become an important part of the popular series. The famous scenes allow the audience to see all the characters in one place. 

At times the Reagan family disagrees, and they may end up fighting each other. Oftentimes, brothers Jamie and Danny do butt-heads. In the episode, “My Brother’s Keeper,” the Reagan brothers argue about who has seniority in a specific situation: sergeant Jamie or detective Danny. While there may be tension here and there when it comes down to it all each member of the Reagan family has each other’s backs.