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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Is ‘Incredibly Thankful’ Comparing Danny Reagan To ‘Charlie Brown’s Pigpen

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

Donnie Wahlberg of Blue Bloods has a lot to be thankful for this year. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. One way for Wahlberg to get into the spirit is to be thankfully for the character he plays on Blue Bloods, Danny Reagan, but with a little twist.

Wahlberg is a man of many hats, but did you know he is also like Charlie Brown’s pigpen? That’s coming from Wahlberg himself.

Wahlberg tweeted, “Both of those Donnie’s are incredibly #thankful. Side note: You don’t see it, but there’s invisible confetti all around Blue Bloods Donnie too. I’m like the kid in the dust cloud from Peanuts cartoons.”

Yes, not only is Wahlberg a talented actor and performer, but he is also a bit of a comedian. If you are familiar with Pigpen, you remember his deal. He was the character who walked around and dust followed him wherever he went. The two were separated at the hip. Perhaps the same is true with Donnie and confetti as he eluded to. Maybe there always is confetti just out of the picture.

Donnie Wahlberg And ‘Blue Bloods’

Wahlberg has played Danny Reagan on the program from the beginning. He has been on the show for some time now, over a decade. It’s fair to wonder how much longer he will continue on, but if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right?

Folks recently wondered what his future might hold on the program after a serious character development moment where Danny’s life on Blue Bloods became in serious jeopardy. It made fans wonder what his future might entail and if that was an omen for things to come.

But Wahlberg of Blue Bloods points out he still enjoying his time on the set. He told PopCulture, “I try to just stay in the moment of each episode and that really helps me, I think, do my best work.” Walhberg is thinking just episode to episode. He is not phased by the future or the past. Wahlberg is focused on the now with Blue Bloods. He continued, “I treat each episode as a little movie that I’m doing and each scene is a little movie within the movie and that’s how I approach it. I try not to get information about what’s going to happen seven to 10 episodes in advance.”

For now, Wahlberg is going to continue juggling both Blue Bloods and The New Kids On The Block because if he is having fun doing it and it’s successful, why stop? You can’t fault the guy for having this perspective. The cast gets along, he gets to do a multitude of things. Why stop, Outsiders?