‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Makes New Announcement About His Band New Kids on the Block: ‘It’s All About the Journey’

by Matthew Wilson

Donnie Wahlberg may play everyone’s favorite cop on “Blue Bloods” these days. But back in the 1980s and 1990s, Wahlberg was the frontman for the boy band New Kids on the Block.

Before NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, One Direction, or the Jonas Brothers, Wahlberg and his band capture the teenage youth. With a wave of albums, merchandise, and touring, New Kids on the Block hit a fever peak in the early 1990s. And for a time, Wahlberg and his bandmates became the source of obsession for millions of wooing girls.

But Wahlberg wants to take viewers behind the scenes of what it was really like during that era. The singer-turned actor announced New Kids on the Block will appear on “Behind the Music” this year. Their episode will air on August 26th and give fans a never-before look at the band and its place in music history.

On Twitter, Wahlberg wrote: “It’s all about the journey … The memories. The moments. The people. That’s why — This love will truly last forever.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sells New Merchandise

New Kids on the Block never really went away for Donnie Wahlberg. The “Blue Bloods” star has always had a deep affection for his boy band roots. Whereas some might have rejected the band when becoming an actor, Wahlberg feels touched to have been a part of people’s formative years.

In fact, the actor remains good friends with his fellow bandmates – Jonathan and Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, and Joey McIntyre. The band even still tours together for concerts, though it’s been a few years since they’ve been “new” kids. Recently, Wahlberg announced they were bringing back vintage merchandise to celebrate the band.

If you visit the New Kids on the Block shop, then you can have your feel of early 1990s nostalgia. The band is selling everything from comforter sets to throw blankets to coffee mugs and pint glasses. You can get your very own New Kids on the Block apron or a face mask, given the times we live in.

Band member Danny Wood opened up about the decision to sell new merchandise. And it had everything to do about the number of people the band’s music touched over the years.

“The line is really inspired by the fans,” Wood told People. “Over the years, we’ve watched as they’ve taken those old bedsheets they had as kids and made them into dresses and jackets. During the pandemic, one girl even turned those sheets into face masks and donated all the money from the sales to my foundation, which helps breast cancer patients. The guys and I have always leaned into the nostalgia of the New Kids so we said, ‘Let’s embrace this and do our own products with that nostalgic feel.’”