‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Donnie Wahlberg Says He and Marisa Ramirez ‘Push it a Little Too Far’ with Laughing During Scenes

by John Jamison

What’s life without a little bit of fun? Working on a crime drama like “Blue Bloods” is serious business, but they’re just telling stories for our entertainment at the end of the day. Leave it to Danny Reagan actor Donnie Wahlberg to spice things up on the set and keep his on-screen partner laughing.

Based on his Twitter activity, Donnie Wahlberg is an impossibly positive individual. He’s constantly urging his followers to be kind and loving. Combine all of that with his natural talents as an entertainer, and it’s no surprise that he and Maria Baez actor Marisa Ramirez tend to get carried away between takes.

“We do laugh a lot, and there are times when we push it a little too far with our laughter outbreaks, but it makes the day so much fun,” Wahlberg told “The Talk” recently.

The natural chemistry between Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez is evident. It’s so noticeable that fans have wondered if there’s any sort of romantic future in the cards for the partners. The actors, however, are rightfully wary of going down that path.

Marisa Ramirez cited the relationship between former partners Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes). Once they got married, their narratives changed, Janko got a new partner, and they didn’t share the screen as much.

“I don’t want to be here if I don’t have scenes with him,” Ramirez said in the interview with “The Talk.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Said the Cast is Becoming A Family Outside of the Show

For the past 11 years, Donnie Wahlberg and company have portrayed the Reagan family on “Blue Bloods.” That’s a significant amount of time working alongside anyone, let alone on-screen family members. Their relationships are fiction. But the amount of time Wahlberg, Selleck, Cariou, Moynahan, Estes, and Ray have spent together has resulted in some tight-knit bonds.

“I think the family’s getting tighter. I think it’s really mirroring our relationships off screen… Last year when we shot during Covid we were really isolated on set and we really bonded, I think, in a much deeper way. And I think that’s really resonating in the show,” Wahlberg told “The Talk” in late September.

The cool thing about the cast member “family” is that not just limited to the Reagans. Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez, for example, have become incredibly close over the years. She may have been exaggerating a bit. But Ramirez said she doesn’t want to be on the show anymore if she doesn’t get to work with Wahlberg.

That said, there are only a select few allowed at the Reagan family dinner. And the hours the actors spend face-to-face around the table gives them a special connection.