‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Opens Up About the ‘Turning Point’ of Danny and Baez’s Relationship

by Katie Maloney

The relationship between “Blue Bloods” characters Danny and Baez has definitely evolved. But what was the turning point in their connection?

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg says that the turning point for the characters occurred during the season 11 premiere episode. We have felt the will-they-won’t-they vibes between Danny and Baez for a while now. But the heat was turned up even more during the premiere episode. During the episode, Danny and Baez work together to track down a serial killer. While doing so, they end up trapped in a basement. It’s certainly a near-death experience for both of them. Spoiler: They survive. But the experience definitely causes them to share their vulnerable sides with eachother. In fact, the two connect so deeply at that moment that Danny invites Baez to the Reagan family dinner the following Sunday. During a recent interview, Wahlberg talked about why that was a turning point for Danny and Baez on “Blue Bloods.”

“It may have been a big turning point for their relationship,” Wahlberg said. “They were really in a situation where they were vulnerable and at-risk and kind of really let their guards down.”

What’s most interesting about the scene is that the words the two exchange aren’t that different from their previous conversations. But it’s the way both of them let each other in emotionally that changes the dynamic.

“In many ways, Baez said a lot of the same things she always says to Danny, but for whatever reason, the vulnerability that they faced in that moment in the basement, I think it finally got through,” said Wahlberg.

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Danny even opens up to Baez in a way he hasn’t with anyone in a really long time. During the basement scene, Danny reveals to Baez that, after his brother dies, he promised himself that he would never let his guard down with anyone again. He promised that he’d always be the first one into work and the last one out. And all of that combined has led him to be known as a hothead. He adds that his tendency for outbursts has cost him every partner he’s ever had except for Baez.

Wahlberg added that Danny truly realized how important Baez was to him at that moment.

“He realized how important she was to him on a much deeper level. Not only did it evolve their relationship, but it allowed me to evolve Danny a lot,” said Wahlberg. “I personally, Donnie Wahlberg the actor, made a choice in that moment to really carry that forward throughout the season.”

So, will Danny and Baez get together during the next season of ‘Blue Bloods’? The honest answer is, we don’t know. But we are certainly pumped to watch the relationship unfold.