‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Shows Support for SEAL Legacy Foundation, Veterans in Latest Post

by Megan Molseed

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg, and his brothers, Mark Wahlberg, and Paul Wahlberg may have a variety of accomplishments under their belts, but none can beat their most recent honor.

On Sunday, August 1, the three Wahlberg brothers were honored by the SEAL Legacy Foundation for their “unwavering support of our Armed Forces.”

The “Blue Bloods” star took to Twitter Sunday night thanking the foundation for the honor. Wahlberg’s message shows how truly humbled he was to be honored during the Sunday evening event.

“Thank you for the amazing honor. Thank you @[email protected] for all you do for veterans,” the “Blue Bloods” actor wrote on his Sunday night Tweet. “Those who serve are the ones truly deserving of any and all honors.”

The SEAL Legacy Foundation is run by SEALs(Sea, Air, Land) teams. Founded in 2011, the SEAL Legacy Foundation provides assistance for SEALs and their families as well as supports other charitable causes formed to benefit the SEAL community.

Wahlbergs Dedication In Honoring Veterans

The “Blue Bloods” star and his brothers have made their support for the armed forces abundantly clear during their careers.

The Wahlberg family restaurant chain Wahlburgers has long given discounts to our men and women in the services. Additionally, the famous chain owned by the trio has also opened numerous Wahlburger locations on military bases around the country. With these openings, soldiers serving our country have an opportunity to partake in classic Wahlburger favorites such as their delicious specialty burgers and sweet milkshakes. Even when they are unable to go off-base.

‘Blue Bloods’ Supports Veterans

In “Blue Bloods,” Donnie Wahlberg portrays Danny Reagan, a New York City police detective and Marine Veteran. Donnie’s portrayal of the decorated Marine honors the real-life veterans. “Blue Bloods” Danny Reagan’s dedication to the Marines was clear when the officer took a leave of absence from the NYPD in order to serve two tours in the Iraq War. Danny saw combat in Fallujah. Danny Reagan was tragically the only member of his platoon to come home alive.

Much like his “Blue Bloods” star brother, Mark Wahlberg has dedicated part of his career to honoring veterans. Mark Wahlberg portrayed a Navy Seal in the film “Lone Survivor.” The film is a tribute to the members of the Navy who participated in Operation Red Wings in 2005. The counter-insurgent mission in northeastern Afghanistan ended with all the brave SEALS except for one paying the ultimate price in the deadly mission. Wahlberg portrayed the “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell in the film.