‘Blue Bloods’: Donnie Wahlberg Spearheaded and Produced a Reality TV Show About Boston Police Officers

by Josh Lanier

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg said he was the perfect person to produce a reality television show about Boston police officers. His background in entertainment, his history playing officers on TV, and his love of his hometown all pushed him toward this project.

Boston’s Finest ran for two seasons, according to IMDB. And, like Blue Bloods, the idea for the show was to tell stories about the people behind the badge and show their personal struggles. Wahlberg served as producer and narrator of the TNT show.

“I really believe I was the perfect person to produce this show, with my love for the city, my experience playing a cop, and my understanding of the police department,” he told HuffPost in 2013. “It’s one of my proudest accomplishments and that’s saying a lot.

However, being a producer also came with its fair share of conflicted feelings for Wahlberg.

“Sometimes, as a producer I want them to get called to serious crimes because it’ll make great television,” he said. “But as a human, I don’t want to see their lives in jeopardy because I’ve come to care for them so much.”

The show was gripping television. The second season picked up just after the Boston Marathon Bombing. It follows officers as they try to find out what happened and make sense of the attack.

Sadly, however, one of the show’s stars committed suicide just before season two began airing. Officer Pat Rogers, who was a mainstay in the first season of the docu-series, reportedly took his own life.

“I am so deeply saddened tonight,” Donnie Wahlberg tweeted at the time. “My thoughts and prayers go out to a fallen brother of The Boston Police Dept.”

TNT didn’t renew the show for a third season.

Donnie Wahlberg Compared His Family To The Reagans

Donnie Wahlberg said that one thing that drew him to playing Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods was how much he related to the character. That’s because the Reagans are so much like his own family, he said.

Blue Bloods is a throwback show because they don’t make shows that focus on families like this anymore, he told HuffPost. “Nowadays, it’s about the family down the street selling heroin or the husband with three wives. Everything’s focused on the unusual family. When I read the pilot the family dinner scene attracted me most. I’ve felt the heat of my dad staring down at me and my sister while we’re arguing and that same heat’s there with Tom Selleck and Bridget [Moynahan].”

Leonard Goldberg, the late creator of Blue Bloods, said hiring Wahlberg was a no-brainer. And though Danny Reagan shoulders much of the show’s plot, Wahlberg proved he had what it takes to carry a show.

“We’ve seen Donnie in a lot of things over the years and sometimes it just happens like it happened with George Clooney on ‘ER’ that finally the role and the actor and the time come together,” Golberg said in 2011. “I think that’s what happened with Donnie in playing Danny Reagan. He really has to drive the show because he’s the detective of our group so he always gets the cases.”