‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Stopped Doing His Own Stunts When ‘the Wheels Didn’t Work the Same’

by Taylor Cunningham

Anyone who watches Blue Bloods knows that Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan is constantly in the midst of a life and death situation. From car chases to criminal pursuits, the detective is always in danger. And what many fans didn’t know was that Wahlberg did his own stunts. But in a recent interview with The Talk, the actor admitted that he had to tone it down during season 10 because, “the wheels didn’t work the same.”

During Blue Blood’s younger seasons, Donnie loved the rush of stunt work. And he did almost all of Danny Reagan’s stunts himself. In a few exceptions, the actor had help from a retired NYPD officer and a professional stunt man named Jared Burke. But in most cases, that wasn’t a body double who was diving from bullets on the screen. It was actually Donnie Wahlberg.

That is until Wahlberg turned 50. After working in the industry that long, his body wasn’t the same.

“I did all my own stunts. Tom Cruise, eat your heart out. I did all my own stunts for ten years. And somewhere around the time I turned 50, I just… the wheels just didn’t work the same, and uh I kinda told them, ‘ya know we gotta tone it down on the stunts,” he admitted. “In fact, today, uh I had to chase a van about 20 feet. I only made it about 12. So I’m just like, ‘I’m good. I’m good with the stunts.’ Ya know, bring in the stuntmen. And the stuntmen used to go home and never work because I’d be like ‘goodbye. I got this.’ Now I’m like, ‘get them in here, now!”

‘Blue Bloods’ actor Tom Selleck is ‘heavily involved’ in “Every Aspect’ of production

The cast of Blue Bloods is incredibly devoted to their series. The cast members are all close friends, Donnie Wahlberg did his own stunts for a decade, and Tom Selleck ensures that every aspect of filming is perfect.

And in a recent interview with Starry Mag, Gregory Jbara, who plays Garrett Moore on the show, explained just how much work Selleck puts into Blue Bloods.

“He is even in the editing room after every episode. He’s an opinionated guy and he isn’t shy about if we’re in the middle of shooting something, a particular scene, he’ll just say, ‘What do you think about…’ or ‘That might now work because…’ Literally like right after a take!”

Jbara said that Selleck’s attention to detail is why he’s so highly respected in Hollywood. But not everyone is cut out to work alongside the legend. So he surrounds himself with like-minded professionals.

“He is successful because he puts the people around him that will allow him to be him. Even though he’s not credited as a producer or writer, he is heavily involved in every aspect of the production of the show,” he said. “I think actors with more fragile egos might not be able to handle that kind of candor without taking it personally and I don’t because I know who he is and how he works.”