‘Blue Bloods’: Donnie Wahlberg, Vanessa Ray Goof Around on Set Filming New Episode

by Jonathan Howard

There is just something about a TV show filming on set in New York City. Blue Bloods stars were spotted hanging out on set.

Donnie Wahlberg and Vanessa Ray were seen on the rainy streets of Hell’s Kitchen when cameras caught them chatting it up behind the scenes. Between scenes, the street is backstage. There is no craft services table in the rain. It looks like we might see some work between Danny and Eddie in the near future.

While the two Blue Bloods stars talked and the cameras caught their photos, something was funny to the actors. It seems like one of them cracked a joke that had them both smiling from ear to ear. Judging by the look of the photos that the Daily Mail has, maybe Vanessa Ray had a uniform malfunction of some kind? She is messing with her pants for some reason.

Wahlberg, meanwhile, was in his usual detective outfit. The typical business attire with a charcoal coat over top. He usually looks a lot more comfortable in that than other characters look in the navy blue NYPD unis. Of course, it was just another day in the office for these two Blue Bloods actors.

Over the years, Donnie Wahlberg has been a big proponent of the show.

“I just know that we’re having more fun than we’ve ever had on the show,” the actor said back in 2020. “It’s still the number one show on Friday night for 10 years and it’s been a great run and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.”

One thing is for sure, folks love watching the Reagan family on Blue Bloods. The NYPD family gets very intimate on the show. Their famous family dinner scenes are a fan-favorite.

‘Blue Bloods’ Danny Sprang into Action in Season 6 Episode

Over the years, there have been a number of criminal chases on Blue Bloods. Danny has had his fair share of running after perps on the show, that’s for sure. These usually don’t end up in big action movie-like moments. However, one time it did.

After a serial killer starts to go through his victims while posing as a police officer, Danny has to find the person responsible. Danny ends up catching up with the killer and is able to get into a chase with the man. He sprints the man down, takes him out, and cuffs him. When the detective gets up, he says, “Ball game’s been postponed, tough guy.” Perfect.

Blue Bloods tries to be a realistic show. So, moments like this don’t happen often. They are a bit cheesy and if they are done too much can get old soon. However, when placed artfully and carefully like this, they can cause these scenes to be elevated. Fans sure like the show according to the IMDb ratings.