‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Once Tied a Fellow NKOTB Member in Their High School Chess Competition

by Megan Molseed

“Blue Bloods” star, and New Kids On the Block heartthrob, Donnie Wahlberg is always on the go.

From an intense touring schedule with his longtime music group, The New Kids On The Block, to his “Blue Bloods” filming schedule; not to mention making time to be home with his wife, Jenny McCarthy, and their two sons, Wahlberg is always running from one spot to another filling the roles of tv star, music sensation, husband, and father.

And, how does Donnie Wahlberg pass the time while he is flying from one role to the other? By playing Twenty Questions with his “BlockHead” fans, of course!

It all started with the hashtag #DWAir20Quesions; when Donnie Wahlberg invited his Twitter followers to ask him any questions they wanted while he was in the air. And Wahlberg fans loved it.

Fans Ask ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Their Own Questions

From asking the “Blue Bloods” star whether he prefers to sleep with, or without socks; to what Wahlberg’s favorite holiday movies are, or what his favorite vegetable is; the fans asked it all.

And Donnie is always happy to answer.

By the way, Donnie’s answers to those three unique questions are, in order: “Socks (unless extracurricular takes place with the Mrs);” “New Kids Cartoon Special or Die Hard (it’s an XMAS movie);” and “Asparagus or tater tots.  And, yes, tater tots are a vegetable.”

The game is fun because the questions are unique and original…I mean, who knew that Donnie liked asparagus the best, or that he views a tater tot as a vegetable?!

These factoids are fun little tidbits to learn about the “Blue Bloods” star, but a recent summation of one of the games gave us another interesting fact about not only Donnie but also one of his fellow NKOTB bandmates.

One Twitter user sent the “Blue Bloods” star a private message during the game, to which Wahlberg answered: “The Queens Gambit!”

While we didn’t see the original question, one can assume the actor was asked what he’s currently watching on Netflix.

Donnie Is A Man Of Many Talents!

Of course, “The Queens Gambit” is one of the most popular Netflix original series over the last year, so that answer isn’t overly surprising. It was the info that immediately followed that piqued our interest.

“I love it and I love chess which makes it even better for me. (side note — @dannywood and I played to a draw in our High School chess tournament.)”

Wait. What? So, we know that The New Kids On The Block formed in the 1980s when a group of kids from Boston: Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, and Joey McIntyre decided to form the group.

Sure, we know that these five guys with their slick moves and awesome songs knew each other growing up…but chess? That little nugget of information is awfully surprising!

Apparently, chess is something the “Blue Bloods” star has always enjoyed. In a 2014 US Weekly list of “25 Things We Don’t Know About Donnie Wahlberg,” the actor, and musician notes that he is an excellent chess player on number 14. Who knew? Maybe we’ll see Danny Reagan break out the chess set on an upcoming episode of “Blue Bloods?”